402/60ct-4 metz flash any good

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I have just come into possetion of the following items 2x 402 metz poewr packs/chargers, 1 60CT-4 power pack/charger, 3 unbranded flash heads which go with the 402 units and a head with metz mecatwin 404T on it. Is there anywhere I can find out about these items and how to use them properly (and what is that socket like a X-synch socket on the mecatwin?), and how many flashes per charge (assuming each flash is at full power) for the NiCad? And is this setup straight forward enough to use for fashion shoots on 5x4 or perhaps a 6x7 roll film back when Ican afford one. Thanks David Kirk

-- David Kirk (David_J_Kirk@hotmail.com), January 22, 2000


Regarding your Metz 402's: I have had two units for many years, in fact they were purchased specifically to do Weddings in 1979. I don't do weddings anymore, but I have had NO trouble with them and occasionally use them on location for candids. The only maintenance I have had to do is replace the nicads once, which I did myself. This was quite easy to do, since they are standard "C" size? (I believe) connected in series and carefully placed back into the plastic battery holders. I got new batteries from a mail order house that sells a wide variety of rechargeables. (Yosts in Middleton, WI) I'm a believer in these units and suspect anything you buy from Metz will be a fine piece of equipment.

Skot Weidemann

-- Skot Weidemann (SWeidemann@aol.com), January 29, 2000.


-- (gdibrango@hotmail.com), January 25, 2002.

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