Wollensak triple

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Hi folks, has any one out there experience with a wollensak triple: 12, 20, 24. It's coated. I'm wondering if it is worth considering. Thanks.

-- david clark (doc@ellensburg.com), January 22, 2000


Hey Doc, you didn't say how much and what format.

Using convertibles is a subjective kinda thing. If you want first- class-top-drawer results, razor-sharp-blades-of-grass-you-can-count- and-shave-with, then you'd be better off with a "prime" lens of more recent vintage.

If however you are willing to accept a compromise in image quality for convenience, light weight and presumably fairly low cost, then get it get it get it.

Bear in mind you'll need a strong orange (or maybe red) filter for B&W work when you shoot converted. Using it converted for color would result in some wacky (and presumably unacceptable) pics.

Weston and Adams both used convertibles for their more famous work and although Ed did complain a bit, I don't think Theodore Stebbins or Beaumont Newhall are gonna kick 'em out of the photo pantheon of all time greats.

I own and use two Turner-Reichs which are kinda low down the optics totem pole but I have no complaints as I only contact print and would rather be able to afford a lens and get a shot then stand fuming in the cold 'cause I don't have the right f.l.

-- Sean yates (yatescats@yahoo.com), January 22, 2000.

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