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Would it be out of the question to have one of you chemtrail conspiracists rent a plane, sample the chemtrail, and have it analyzed by an independent lab?

It's not as if it has become illegal to find out actual facts for yourselves, regardless of which sinister group is poisoning the country.

Keep up the good documentation, though!!

-- ImSo (, January 22, 2000


It would have to be someone with money - or knows a pilot with a plane...which I do not. Also someone with the know how of what equipment to use...which I do not.

-- MaryJo (, January 22, 2000.

---william thomas is trying to do just that. he needs 6000$ to rent a business jet to chase one of the sprayers. he already has lined up access to getting the material analysed. He also plans on taking a lot of video and stills, and maybe tracking the spray plane to it's landing, I believe. just takes money, got any?

-- zog (, January 22, 2000.

That was discussd on an Art Bell program a week or two ago. They are looking for a volunteer plane owner.

-- Dave (, January 22, 2000.

Samples of chemtrail matter which have fallen to earth have already been analyzed by various labs. There is some pretty nasty stuff in them.

Researchers are currently trying to come up with money and a plane outfitted to make a "clean catch". This would give them the real smoking gun.

-- Lurkess (Lurkess@Lurking.Net), January 22, 2000.

There are also several posts about chemtrails on the Sightings site. One even shows that they clearly show in an ABC news post on another subject. The illustrious reporter apparently did not even notice the obvious chemtrails in the background of the news story. One of the scariest theories is the post by Dr. Chappaloine who seems to think that it is a population reduction program. Many people get sick after it. Others think it is anthrax vaccinations. Who knows. It is really nice of the Clinton administration to tell us what is goin on. Maybe it is better that they do not. No one would believe them anyhow.

-- Bob (Bob@bbb.gom), January 22, 2000.


You really have convinced me. Various labs. are very famous. They proved the existance of the lizard men and took the photo's of the space ship behind the comet tail. Sorry, I just could't help myself.

Best wishes,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, January 22, 2000.

If Will Thomas or anybody for that matter gets a sample and analysis, they better be prepared to go up against the big boys and debunked as amateurs. I would think twice before I give anybody a contribution toward this endeavor.

-- Arewe (ready@prepped.com2), January 22, 2000.

Heh, I've got 5 FIVE C-130's drawing a checkerboard, with a lower circling plane with what I guess to be sampling appendages; there is not room in my sky for even a model airplane.

-- Hokie (, January 23, 2000.

Has it occured to anyone that the easiest way to implement a chemtrail spraying program is to add something to the fuel supply? That way every airplane becomes a chemtrail sprayer, and even "normal" contrails can be chemtrails. All that is required is a scheme to add a chemical to the fuel supply. An example of this is the deadly additive MTBE, mandated to be added to gasoline and responsible for the contamination of water supplies nationwide. The recent fuel contamination problem that has affected thousands of airplanes in Australia is another example of how a fuel contaminant can have widespread impact.

Could the "anti-anthrax" agent be added to standard airline jet fuel and be effectively dispersed by this method?

In addition to inadvertant spraying by airlines, the pattern of chemtrails photographed and in evidence on several web sites (some of which have been visited by numerous government agencies on many oocasions) indicate an intentional program of blanketing urban areas with contrails possession unusual properties. (Not the least of which being the formation of large visible contrails at altitudes where contrails would not normally form, and the merging of the contrails into sky-obscuring cloud cover. Many have also observed a "dust drifting downward" effect in large chemtrail/contrails, rainbow effects when backlit, and strong odors subsequent to spraying. Others have collected physical evidence after heavy chemtrail activity, including filaments, goo, brown powder, "angel hair", apparently different aspects of a similar substance. Those who handle the substance invariably come down with life-threatening "flus." Others have noticed an upsurge in local respiratory illness (although no authenticated studies have been performed to my knowledge) following heavy contrail activity.

Some Internet journalists have also reported on scientific testing laboratory analysis of chemtrail "fallout" that reveal exotic and normally only mildly dangerous bacteria and viruses, but when examined more carefully, those pathogens betray their origin in biotech labs, including telltale markers (similar to luciferase) of genetic modification.

Another concern is that a chemical additive (banned as a pesticide hazardous to humans) added to the jet fuel. Ethylene dibromide causes respiratory distress and makes the person exposed more vulnerable to respiratory infection, courtesy of the same contrail fallout. This dovetails into my theory quite nicely.

-- Ceemeister (, January 23, 2000.

For clarification on this topic, it has been established that in order for contrail formation to 'maintain' and morph into a cloudlike formation, the atmosphere must be of high humidity and the temperature must reach minus 38 to minus 50 degrees centigrade (depending on who you are listening to).

What this info. does is to offer the skeptic a few important revelations. If the chemtrails are appearing at a lower altitude than higher flying commercial traffic that are emitting contrails that dissipate quickly, then what does that say about the above statement? It says that these contrails are forming under different atmospheric conditions than are present perhaps only 10,000 feet higher, or perhaps up to 20,000 feet higher. Could it happen? Yes, but it has been established to be a RARE occurence for it to be warmer at a higher altitude, while colder at a lower altitude. It has also been questionable for humidity levels to vary that much (when you are examining levels on a clear cloudless day) between the altitudes we are talking about.

One other anomaly reported is the discrepancy over traffic patterns on days of spraying. Normal traffic patterns over much of the skies are pre-set. They are 'highways in the sky', if you will. Much of the time, when these chemtrails are being laid, the traffic patterns are different from the norm.

This is not to say that every single contrail that is laid and remains in the sky for a period of time is a chemtrail. We know that to be false, but we cannot establish plausability for all of the suspected chemtrail activity seen under the above stated circumstances.

Hope this helps.

-- OR (, January 23, 2000.

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