.....CLOUDLESS DAY HERE AT DAWN......THEN AT 7:55 NOTICED FIRST OF THEM COING FROM WEST! the last 15 minutes they have grown to cover east/west/north/south!!!!......i see two BIG X`s in south sky! in east........oh GOD!.....this is soooo frightening!......what COULD they be doing? .....why?....heard them last nite after going to bed!...Redeye and anyone from this area...look out and see for yourselves!!!!!!!....

-- mutter (, January 22, 2000


I have been reading reading on this forum since the first of the year, but wish I would have discovered it last year. This is the first time that I have posted.

I have found the information about the contrails very interesting, but always figured that we'll probably never see them here because we live in a very sparsely populated area in rural South Dakota. Wrong I was...last night they were all over the sky, big X's, several lines. These are obviously not normal vapor trails. I could see the planes fly one way, then later back the other way. I was about 20 miles from home driving in my car and by the time I arrived at home, they had pretty much dissipated. I still called my husband out to look at them when I got home, then had him read what has been written so far about it on this forum. Any additional information regarding this and what we're being sprayed with will certainly be appreciated.

-- JoEllen Wieseler (, January 22, 2000.


Calm down.

Those weren't chemtrails. Our extremely cold weather (-5 F) is causing the normal exhaust from aircraft to look really spooky. I'm generally up and about very early, and I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary with respect to air traffic. If anything, there is a bit less of it since both Delta and American West cut their early morning routes into Port Columbus.

Further, it's TOO COLD for the flu bug to travel well. Didn't you see the news? Flu patient levels are DOWN in Riverside, Grant Medical, and Doctor's West.

If you want to worry about something, worry about Columbia Gas and their true ability to keep our natural gas flowing.

-- (, January 22, 2000.

No, the chemtrails are not normal and are not caused by weather conditions.

-- see them too (, January 22, 2000.

See Them Too --

Then please explain to me why I've seen the same types of spreads on similar days when it's been very cold for the last 38 years. Are you going to argue that we've been sprayed for the last 38 years? I grew up here, and I'm over 40. How about you?

I've seen the so-called "chemtrails" out in Phoenix. These don't look the same.

Understand that I'm not arguing against the existance of chemtrails or whether we have been sprayed in the past. I'm arging that what you're seeing (or thought you have seen in the last two days (same thing happened yesterday morning) ARE NOT chemtrails this time.

-- (, January 22, 2000.

Mutter, what you are seeing is real and serious. I am so sick and tired of these people that wear the rose colored glasses, yea our government surely has our best interest in their greedy, evil heartless hearts. As of the flu bug resting idle, check again, the hospitals are full of sick peopel, and onece again so am I. I wish those who think this is just contrails at norm would get a really good wiff and exerience the ills for themselves. Sorry Mutter, I am not usually such a sinic but I watch the contrail being made in Flagstaff every day and just like you said. The day starts out to be a perficately clear day and and hour or 2 later the sky is filled with chemtrial clouds. Everyone is sick, has beeen sick or is sick again, I don't consider this to be normal. As for information you might try or . Keep an eye out for more chemtrail posting, these folks here have a lot of pertinet information. Stay healthy. Light and Love...M

-- Mat (, January 22, 2000.

I too have been reading about chemtrails for svl months now, after having skipped right by them for svl prior months bec I figured, "Hey, they're just confusing them with the contrails I've seen since the '60s." (BTW, I've lived for years close to JFK in NY, SF and Oakland in CA, right under a major path from SeaTac in WA, close to SLC in UT, close to Billings in MT, and now within 'contrail vision' of Birmingham in AL. .... Get around, don't I?)

Then I started reading them -- after svl people whose posts, on other subjects, have proven to me they're not 'tinfoils' and have their feet firmly planted at altitude zero -- and noticed what they were describing was radically different than the contrails I've seen. I got the reality of chemtrails further confirmed when a good ham radio buddy of mine who's a farmer in S.D. described the 'ninety degree turn' pattern somes of the planes manifest as they finish one run and then start another.

HOWEVER I HAD NEVER SEEN THEM MYSELF, IN MY OWN AIR SPACE HERE IN NO. AL. So I've been loath to post much on the issue.

Yesterday, on a perfectly clear blue sky morning, on the coldest day of the year (15 degrees F. up here on our ridge) I looked to the western sky and saw THE STRANGEST FORMATION I'VE EVER SEEN IN ALMOST 74 YEARS ON THE PLANET. Half the sky was covered with a series of parallel bands, each with about equal width (and the same width between each band.) BTW, the west includes the section of sky over MS, and LA, which apparently had active chemtrail stuff going on yesterday, according to the chemtrail report sites on the web.

So now if some bimbo or stud is going to tell me 'Hey, cool your imagination, take another Prozac, get off it, come back down to reality, stop panicking everyone by misreading ordinary contrails' --- I can just sit here, read the flame, and say, "_____________." (That's right the proper response to a flamer is: nada.)

So what does it all mean? I really can't jump on that conspiratorial bandwagon that's saying, "They're poisoning all the planet, so the whatever can take over" -- blah, blah, blah. (For one thing, if the guvvy people are running this show, where do they get the pilots do the flying -- since the pilots have to know what's going on -- and the pilots have wives and kids down on the ground who'd be in the path of SOME of this spraying [since by now it's apparent that it's nationwide at least]?)

What else does it mean? I'd sure like to hear from AT LEAST ONE WHISTLEBLOWER, anonymously at least. (Hey, this request should result in a bunch of polly/flamer/unstables troll posts -- especially since it's Saturday & everybody's home with nothing to do, and just looking for some mischief to get into. Ah... to be young again.)

Bill, hoping for a little signal amidst the noise to come ....

-- William J. Schenker, MD (, January 22, 2000.

It's JUST like Y2K. There is NO WAY any explanation but a sinister one could be right.

You guys are doing the world a FANTASTIC FAVOR--a favor it does NOT deserve after the way it treated the Y2K warnings--by posting this information. KEEP IT UP!!!

I cannot recommend going anywhere--even to the local store--without a military-quality gas mask for you AND your children. If you possibly can, convert as much of your assets as possible into cash to buy gas masks for everybody.

What a great job you are doing.


-- I'mSo (, January 22, 2000.


Personally, I'm waiting to read about a new fuel mixture or experimental engine that may have caused some of the chemtrail sightings.

For now, though, I'll watch the news ( see if we do have increased flu cases (or flu symptions) by Tuesday. I have just received some private email from several gen X'ers who also believed that they saw chemtrails.

My question remains: same patterns were in the sky yesterday morning, and no one got excited. I wish that someone would put up a picture. Maybe we're not seeing the same things. In any case, I'll start carrying my digital cammera with me.

-- (, January 22, 2000.

i realize that those who haven`t yet witnesed this yet are thinking we who have must have a `nut` loose somewhere!!....[thought the same thing til a few months ago myself] but what i am talking about is NOT the contrails of commercial aircraft!.....these, whatever you choose to call them are NOT normal!!!!! i have been on this earth in this area for ver 47 years and i know what i see!!!....these are deffinately DIFFERENT than the normal contrail. they usually....[that i have been able to witness] begin at sunrise and usually in the south..[but not always]...if you watch the skys on a cloudless day from around sunrise i can garentee you that someday soon you will be posting on here that you NOW believe me!....i have no doubt about that!.....milky overcast day here now!....a friend of mine from cleveland emailed a while ago and they were also getting them.. i do not take your comments personally....i know that until you witnes them for yourself you MUST think me a bit strange!!!....but that will change!

-- mutter (, January 22, 2000.

I live in a very small town in california, they have been spraying us for a long time. It is so bad that people are writing letters to our local newspaper urging everyone to look up and see what is going on! If you don't believe that we are getting sprayed, so be it, just stick your head back in the sand. But I will continue to look and wonder and do what I can to make them stop.

-- lookupand wakeup (, January 22, 2000.

and by the way, i never gave any therory of what i thought they were doing. don`t know where you got the idea that it was the `flu` but you didn`t get it from me!!!!!!......i have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING OR EVEN WHO THEY ARE.......i just know it is happening and it is not NORMAL contrails.....normal contrails do form during certain atmospheric conditions, but normal contrails do not stay in sky for 1-2 hours or more and spread out to become a thin cloud over the entire sky!!!!!........hmmmmmmmm

-- mutter (, January 22, 2000.

Mutter -- post pictures. You can have regular photos scanned at Kinkos Copy Shops for just a couple of bucks if you don't have a digital camera or access to a scanner. I will start carrying my digital and shoot what I see. With all due respect, though, I maintain that what you're currently seeing is normal for our current weather conditions.

-- (, January 22, 2000.

We're being sprayed here in Wash. DC this morning. I've been watching it for a year as of now. This means that Congress and the Pentagon are exposed also.

-- Joe Shmoe (, January 22, 2000.

I don't care what the naysayers rant, this Chemtrail spraying is real. I have watched them at about 20,000 feet laying out a very definite pattern in October in the Central Arizona Desert when ambient temperature is 15 degrees warmer than normal.

The kicker is that you can watch Commercial Aviation operating 10,000 to 15,000 feet ABOVE these jokers and NO CONTRAILS!!!

How about a Class Action lawsuit on behalf of all asthma sufferers? Just the carrier chemicals alone probably count for more *smog* than automobiles as they spray.

-- ~~~~ (Losing it @ Lost it .com), January 22, 2000.

LADYBUCKEYE...try the CONTRAIL/CHEMTAIL site!....should be able to get it through a search engine.......[don`t know http yet...can get if needed].....didn`t notice them at all yesterday here in central ohio!....but MONDAY AND WED there were alot of them!.....glad you have an open mind about this lb......honest it is happening, if you just keep paying attention, you will see them soon! the way i gave this site for pics purposes only!.....don`t necessarily agree with any of the ideas of what they are......DON`T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE....just THAT IT`S HAPPENING!!!

-- mutter (, January 22, 2000.

LOL......OOPS!!!....try the CONTRAIL/CHEMTRAIL site. excited and missed an r`

-- mutter (, January 22, 2000.

Yes, Mutter, I have looked at many of the chemtrail sites. Part of my work involves tracking urban legends.

What I would like you to do is take pictures of what you are seeing *here* in Central Ohio. It's quite possible that I'm missing something, as it is also possible that you're seeing a natural occurance. Okay? Go for it.

-- (, January 22, 2000.

I spent the last three hours looking for chemtrails over Atlanta. Nothing.

I did see a cloud that looked like Jesus The Lord and another one that looked just like Woody Woodpecker.

I'll check out the sky tomorrow, and report back.

-- lsg (lsg@hgt.w), January 22, 2000.

--the answer is that pilots and crews know full well that they will be killed dead if they are found out spilling the beans. They or their families. they are fed some bravo sierra, then given "orders", then they spray. simple as that. go to official air force websites. Tankers official number two mission is listed as "spraying". They spray huge quantites of chemical to supposedly eradicate hemp crops. the government also admitted it was working on a biological that would infect those crops and others, and it was their intention to use it.

Some of the other spraying is for different purposes. There appears to be a variety going on.

I would say be concerned, and keep questioning. This "shadow" government has several faqctionsl, all warring on each other for supremecy. It's at the highest level of finance and dot mil and dot gov civ levels. Black budgets, the drug trade, military/industrial contracts, and market manipulation are just some of the money reasons behind it. I recommend "Defrauding America" as a good first book into the behind the scenes machinations of some of these factions. And for what it's worth, the year 1947 is heavily involved in some of the huge expansions of these "shadow" forces, because of the billions involved. Same old story, money and power. It never ends.

-- zog (, January 22, 2000.

Ladybuck, isn't this guy just another dumb troll from the same crowd that calls in to 610 AM with all their conspiracy nonsense? I wouldn't waste my time on him. The whole chemtrails thing is so hilarious, it almost sounds like something they'd make up to parody the paranoid doomer-survivalist types.

If you rely on the Dispatch for all your news, try some other sources... find out what the Wolfe family won't tell you. Now *there's* a conspiracy for you ;)

-- Just (, January 22, 2000.

Anyone that sees "Chemtrails" on the East Coast is generally witnessing evil spraying of fish miles out into the Atlantic....

What I find fascinating is that, after looking at a great many chemtrail true believer sites, ALL the pics look totally routine to me....and these, since they are on these sites, have to be the BEST ones people have.

Of course, what's driving it now is the strange mind of the conspiracy believer...

It's actually more comforting to think the flu is the result of a planned, government conspiracy than a random fluke of nature.

Just as it's actually more comforting to believe the assassination of any prominent leader is the result of a large, complex government conspiracy rather than the act of a lone kook.

People despise randomness and chance; they'd rather believe in organized, planned evil.

-- John H Krempasky (, January 22, 2000.

August and September, temperatures at some 110/120 degrees, there's contrails. Now that the temp is in the 50/70 range, there's still contrails. In my opinion, " ain't the weather."

-- Richard (, January 22, 2000.

Skeptics like ladybuckeye and govt shills (or just plain idiots) like John are what keep this nation of sheep blissfully bleating while standing in line at the slaughterhouse. Soon the blade will flash, and those who DON'T have our best interests at heart will feed on our flesh. Enjoy while it lasts, sheeple.

-- Cynic (cynic@bubble.con), January 22, 2000.

Subj: SPECIAL ALERT - CHEMTRAILS - NEW OZ SCENARIO of POSSIBLE INTERNATIONAL SIGNIFICANCE ??? Date: 1/21/00 9:44:30 AM Pacific Standard Time From: (Harry Mason) To:

Hi Phil,

This is a report on a possible new Chemtrail game/scenario currently active downunder in the land of OZ. These are early days and this might be a false alarm but please take a look and tell me what you think. I shall keep you informed of relevant developments ..........................

As you may recall I recently e-mailed you preliminary info concerning our nationwide problem re the New Millennium grounding of many of OZ's piston engine aircraft due to contamination of avgas produced at the Mobil Oil Australia Ltd.'s Altona refinery in Melbourne.

Mobil notified the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on the 22nd of December 1999 about an Avgas 100/130 contamination problem.

Several piston engined aircraft had in the preceding week or so suffered engine out power failures on take off. This was soon traced to contaminated Mobil Avgas. The problems encountered were engine stoppage incidents, electric boost pump failures, black sticky deposits on brass components in aircraft fuel systems including filters, carburettor components, and fuel lines and pumps.

The contaminant was apparently rapidly identified by Mobil as ethylene di-amine (EDA) and it has been stated that an increase (accidental or deliberate ???) in the dosage of ethylene di-amine caused an unexpected reaction in the Avgas that led to the contamination of the fuel and thereby the aircraft fuel systems. Ethylene di-amine reacts with copper or brass in the aircraft fuel system parts to produce a black or purple contaminant - termed locally "black goo" or "vegemite goo".

CASA and Mobil immediately advised Australian aircraft owners and operators to check fuel systems for evidence of this problem before further flight.

On the 8th of January 2000 CASA was advised by aircraft operators that a second form of contamination had been found in aircraft initially cleared of the first "black goo" contamination. This second form of contamination consists of a white powder deposited substance - "white goo", and a clear gel substance - "clear goo".They are harder to detect than the black "vegemite goo" being found mainly inside the fuel tanks and fuel lines.

CASA immediately grounded all aircraft that had used the suspect Mobil Avgas on the 10th of January 2000. This order affected some 5000 aircraft throughout the high density population states of Queensland (south of Townsville), NSW, ACT, Victoria, and parts of South Australia. Piston engined aircraft in the sparsely populated regions of Australia, namely Western Australia, the Northern Territory, most of South Australia, and northern Queensland, where Shell and BP supply the Avgas from local refineries are largely unaffected.

Stories have since surfaced in the Australian press about similar contamination being observed in piston engined aircraft some two years earlier in March 1998. Aircraft operators noticed problems with clogged fuel pumps over the past two years yet inspite of notification and complaints directed to CASA and Mobil there was apparently no action taken.There have also been press and public discussion of the large number of fatal and other aircraft crashes and incidents that occurred across Australia during November and December 1999 - just prior to the "discovery" of the contaminated fuel situation. Mobil is said by CASA to have released contaminated Avgas 100/130 from a production batch during the period 21st November to 23rd December 1999.

Mobil rapidly devised a simple chemical test kit to determine if an aircraft fuel system had the ethylene diamine (EDA) "black goo" contaminant. Their intention being to try and clear aircraft to fly again as soon as possible. However the Australian Government CASA organisation appointed independent Professor Trimm, of the University of NSW Chemistry Department, to evaluate the Mobil "EDA" test method. Professor Trimm was unable to immediately identify the nature of the second contaminants - "white goo" and "clear goo" - and has thus refused to give permission for Mobil's EDA test to suffice for determining the safety clearance status of the contaminated aircraft fuel systems. Professor Trimm doubts that the "white and clear goos" are related to the EDA over dosing of the Avgas - as suggested by Mobil. He is uncertain as to the exact nature of the entire contamination problem and therefore he is insisting on completely independent laboratory testing to determine the true fuel problem. CASA have been criticised by many aircraft operators for relying initially on poor data supplied by Mobil from their labs - an obvious legally interested party, and for their lack of reaction to past fuel contamination complaints.

The 5000 Australian piston engined aircraft remain grounded until the exact nature of the "white and clear goo" has been determined and a reliable decontamination method devised and proven. The Australian Government have promised a full investigation of all factors including CASA's apparently "too cozy" association with Mobil. Acting Prime Minister Anderson sent Mobil a "strongly worded" letter demanding that Mobil improve it's poor track record of handing on the facts of the case to CASA.. Since that time Mobil are reportedly to have vastly increased their co-operation with Australian authorities...........

The situation is causing severe economic hardship to piston engined aircraft operators, with one estimate of losses running to some A$50 million per month. There is a knock on effect to many isolated communities such as offshore islands etc. who cannot now transport fish and other products rapidly to market. Mobil is facing the possibility of huge legal suits for compensation, a Melbourne law firm is proposing a class action. Following demands from Acting Prime Minister Anderson for suitable compensation payments Mobil have offered an initial "Hardship Payment of upto A$10,000 per affected aircraft to help pay the costs of fuel decontamination. Mobil are apparently willing to suffer a barrage of criticism and leave the larger compensation issue to the Courts.

Overseas (mainly American) aircraft manufacturers have been approached with requests for advice on effective decontamination procedures. But until the exact nature of the contaminant(s ?) has been determined, a safe and effective decontamination method cannot be devised, and all aircraft must remain grounded. It may be that special fuel system parts must be manufactured to prevent reaction with the contaminants. Obviously scene this has developed into a major flap for Mobil and a major national situation.

That is a summary of the situation today (22nd of January 2000).........................................

My last e-mail to you included my musing on possible "whys" for this scenario. Was there some other reason for this mass aircraft grounding - other than the obvious stated one of contaminated fuel ??? I was thinking there was some reason re the new Millennium, or something THEY did not want us to see or be able to do ??? Something did not "smell" correct about this scenario ..................

Mobil's reticence to rapidly and completely inform the Australian Government of all aspects of this fuel scenario might, of course, relate purely to a concern about their legal position in any compensation claims, but other considerations might yet apply that could elevate this entire situation into the international chemtrail arena..................... Their delay and withholding of info might have been partly caused by a necessity to consult higher up the multi- national command structure and to develop a suitable spin doctor story line. But this problem kept getting bigger and more serious from day to day.

Most initial Australian press and TV news reports mentioned the word "contaminant" without providing it's organic chemical name. When I first saw that it was deemed to be an excess of EDA introduced into the Avgas I immediately thought it was one of the substances identified by Wil Smith from chemtrail samples !!! However it is NOT since that substance is ethylene di-bromide (EDB). EDB is a quite bit more toxic than EDA - BUT both are toxic. EDA has been awarded an "Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) rating of 1000ppm whereas EDB has an IDLH rating of 100ppm with the provisio that due to it's carcinogenic properties that respirators be worn where EDB concentrations are > than 0.045ppm. Both substances are fairly similar in organic structure - could one be mis-identified as the other ??? Probably not but in a world of skulldruggery it's worth bearing in mind ..............

However we do NOT know yet what the "white powder deposit goo and the clear gel goo's" chemical compositions are. They both bare a passing resemblance to descriptions of substances found on the ground and buildings after passage of chemtrail aircraft - in both North America, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe. That is white powdery substances and clear gel like "goos" containing cocktails of nasty toxic chemicals and all sorts of pathogens etc.

One wonders if the immediate problem of identification of the second discovered contaminants that faced Professor Trimm was caused by the presence of substances not normally added to Avgas - unlike the "acceptable" EDA which is normally added in much smaller amounts to Avgas than those now alleged to be causing "vegemite goo".

Therefore I feel it necessary to issue a preliminary cautious alert to the World Chemtrail Researchers of this current Australian Avgas scenario. It may well be that the second contaminants will be found to be derivatives of an excess loading of EDA reacting with other parts of the aircraft fuel supply. If so that will be fine.

However one can imagine a scenario where either a refinery Avgas manufacturing process had been sabotaged to alter the Avgas composition such that it included toxic and possibly bacterial, fungal, and viral substances and that this process had unpredicted side effects on free fuel flow causing the current red alert, or that a chemtrail spray manufacturing process was inadvertently diverted into the Avgas refinery run ??? The aircraft owners reported long time nature of this fuel contamination scenario - some two years - and the lack of previous action on complaints suggests that at the very least there has been long term interference in Mobil's Avgas manufacturing process. Two years is about the same time frame as the earliest chemtrail reports ....................Where better to manufacture chemtrail spray fluid than in an oil refinery ??? Judging from the many reports of observed chemtrails the volume of spray fluid required must be astronomical and would require very large manufacturing facilities - at least to mix the several noxious components.

What better way to spray large numbers of people located in population centres than by getting the national fleet of piston engined aircraft to spread the substances in their exhaust - straight out of the standrard fuel ??? If the population is becoming agitated over big aircraft and large scale national chemtrail spraying why not devise some way to put the noxious biochemical substances in ordinary Avgas ??? These aircraft criss cross all population centres - they even pay for the Avgas and therefore help subsidise the operational cost ??? Perhaps Australia was undergoing an experiment that backfired ??? We seem to get used a lot as an experimental laboratory - eg. many big Hollywood films are released here first to judge audience reaction and allow fine tuning before release in the USA and Europe.

Too hot in a piston engine for any organic molecules such as virusii to survive through to the exhaust- I wonder ??? Work by Professor Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe at Cardiff University over several years strongly supports the thesis that all manner of virusii, organic radicals, and even ordinary bugs can survive interstellar flight and hot entry into our atmosphere. Other recent research supports the hypothesis that such building blocks of life are created in "hot" stellar gas clouds. It would appear that these beasties are hard little buggars. EDB apparently survives being burnt in a very hot jet turbine ..................

It is worth your Inter-Sleuths doing some checking of local Avgas (even Jet Fuels ???) and identifying any local fuel contamination problems in your respective nations. Best to be forewarned as they say. Ask around in your piston engine community to see if any underlying series of complaints has NOT been acted upon. After all the first we in OZ knew that this fuel goo problem had been around for some two years was recent loud yelling by some of our private aircraft operators - It was certainly NOT from Mobil or the Australian Government ie. CASA. Get some of your Avgas fuel run through the chemtrail labs - see what comes up. WE are doing just that here - as soon as we can get hold oof relevant samples.

Over the last two years many OZ piston engine aircraft accidents - some fatal - have been typically assigned to Pilot Error - now we are beginning to suspect something else was the cause. Your local scene might well contain clues that when looked at closer indicate fuel contamination as a possibility ??? Anyhow it is worth checking out don't you think - obviously this cannot be left to your local equivalent of CASA which seems to be just an extensional department of Big Oil ???

I apologise in advance and say sorry to you all - if our OZ Avgas scenario yet turns out to have no connection to the chemtrail situation.

I sincerely hope not but my evil mind is beginning to smell a very big rat !!! Rats don't survive exposure to >1000ppm EDA let alone EDB ........

Time will soon tell what this is really all about and if neccessary I will eat crow ........................................

Harry Mason Copyright (c) January 2000

-- RAT (, January 22, 2000.

DRUDGE REPORT: JESUS THE LORD CLOUD SPOTTED OVER ATLANTA...hundreds declare it has something to do with Jane Fonda. CNN LIVE FOOTAGE reveals it is really a TED TURNER THE LORD CLOUD, and nothing to be worried about.

-- kritter (, January 22, 2000.

I'm going back to lurking.

Let me know if you have any recent photos (jpgs preferred) of Central Ohio sightings of chemtrails. I'll be pleased to post them on a website, next to the ones of the contrails that I'll photograph on the next clear day while the temps remain low. My email addy is real.

-- (, January 22, 2000.

(ladybuckeye): "...I'm waiting to read about a new fuel mixture or experimental engine that may have caused some of the chemtrail sightings."

Photos here indicate something else is going on. What it is, who knows?

-- Tom Carey (, January 22, 2000.

Hilarious posts, all!!

Thanks, everyone, for the comical efforts.

Keep those reports coming.

And hey, here's an idea: rent a plane, go chase the chemtrailers, and get photos FROM THE AIR of "them".

I can almost GUARANTEE the Weekly World News will buy.

-- I'mSo (, January 22, 2000.

i haven't had the opportunity to read all the lab analyses. however, personally, i am beginning to wonder if this doesn't involve weather modification? so often, in dc, they take a sunny day and turn it hazy and by the time of the day when the sun could actually warm up the air/earth, the haze seems to block out some of it (sort of like a cloudy day)? plus i know there are some contracts for weather modification experiments that have been let.

if this is global (which it appears to be) there would have to be an organization that is capable of funding global "environmental efforts". any ideas?

-- tt (, January 22, 2000.

The "chemtrails" are nothing more than water droplets that have condensed around fuel vapor. The dew point(the point where water condenses) determines the temp. that contrails occur. If moisture is about to condense, the fuel vapor acts as a nucleating particle. The reason contrails are being seen in different areas is the same reason we are having severe weather in the northeast, the upper level jet stream has shifted south. Jet streams can have speeds in excess of 100mph and turbulence. Jets rerout to avoid them. Please get a clue.

-- surrounded (, January 22, 2000.

For clarification on this topic, it has been established that in order for contrail formation to 'maintain' and morph into a cloudlike formation, the atmosphere must be of high humidity and the elevation of the spraying must reach minus 38 to minus 50 degrees centigrade (depending on who you are listening to).

What this info. does is to offer the skeptic a few important revelations. If the chemtrails are appearing at a lower altitude than higher flying commercial traffic that are emitting contrails that dissipate quickly, then what does that say about the above statement? It says that these contrails are forming under different atmospheric conditions than are present perhaps only 10,000 feet higher, or perhaps up to 20,000 feet higher. Could it happen? Yes, but it has been established to be a RARE occurence for it to be warmer at a higher altitude, while colder at a lower altitude. It has also been questionable for humidity levels to vary that much (when you are examining levels on a clear cloudless day) between the altitudes we are talking about.

One other anomaly reported is the discrepancy over traffic patterns on days of spraying. Normal traffic patterns over much of the skies are pre-set. They are 'highways in the sky', if you will. Much of the time, when these chemtrails are being laid, the traffic patterns are different from the norm.

This is not to say that every single contrail that is laid and remains in the sky for a period of time is a chemtrail. We know that to be false, but we cannot establish plausability for all of the suspected chemtrail activity seen under the above stated circumstances.

Hope this helps.

-- OR (, January 23, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

The reason contrails are being seen in different areas is the same reason we are having severe weather in the northeast, the upper level jet stream has shifted south. Jet streams can have speeds in excess of 100mph and turbulence. Jets rerout to avoid them. Please get a clue.

There have been chemtrails in my area several times a week going back to at least May 9th, 1999. The weather here has not gotten cold in all that time. We have yet to experience a cold snap this year.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 24, 2000.

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