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I am printing my work (vector drawings created in CorelDRAW) to a HP3000CP. Currently I generate a '.prn' file and spool several copies to the plotter though the parallel port. This method works fine, but I would like to increase the print speed. I don't heed any bells & whistles, just speed, speed, speed!

Would PosterShop be the answer to my RIP-once, print-many increased productivity dreams? If so, would the Lite package be adequate or would I need more?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, Trent Truckenbrod

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2000


Hi Trent,

I would suggest that you have a look at Postershop PS, if you don't plan to change your printer any time soon. You get faster print speed and more control over the printing process. For me the profiles that ship with Portershop PS for the HP are allright. If you want to create your own profiles for your own media, you should take a look at PosterShop Pro. It also supports all the other InkJet Printers.

Any version should give you much more flexibility, than printing directly from Corel...

Hope this helps,

Cheers Daniel

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2000

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