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Millennium bug beaten - so far - and to deadline, says government

The massive project launched to beat the millennium bug is almost unique among IT projects in that it met its deadline, the minister responsible has conceded. by[21 Jan 2000]

Margaret Beckett told the Commons: 'I am pleased to confirm that so far - as predicted - it is businessas usual in the United Kingdom. In what is believed to be the largest co-ordinated project since the Second World War, thorough and detailed planning across government and the national infrastructure, both publicly and privately controlled, ensured a smooth transition over the date change. 'There is no doubt this work had to be done - the millennium bug was shown to have the capacity to wreak havoc among those services which, though essential, we take for granted. Problems were corrected swiftly because organisations prioritised and put business continuity plans in place.'She added: 'In the wider public sector NHS trusts and government agencies found problems that needed to be fixed. Problems in gas repayment meters and in electricity prepayment meters were found and fixed. And elsewhere in the private sector, everywhere from finance to food, transport to telecoms, major potential problems were found and fixed in time. There were and no doubt will continue to be further minor glitches.' Millennium Bug Campaign THE BUG BITES BACK?

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-- Carl Jenkins (, January 21, 2000

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