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I occasionally see ads selling these cameras, especially the #10, which I gather continued to be made the latest, until 1941. The idea of a panoramic camera a la Noblex with a ten inch (is that correct?) wide strip of film seems kind of appealing! Anybody any experience in using one of these? Where do you get a roll of ten inch wide film? They command quite a price on the used market.

Thanks in advance for gratifying my curiosity,


-- Nathan Congdon (, January 20, 2000


I'd contact some of the owner/operators and ask them. Use your favorite search engine and type in "Cirkut". There's a nice fella in Canada, eh, that uses a 5 and describes it on his website.

You could also contact Kodak direct and ask what the minimum order is. I believe the 800 # is 1-800-242-2424. If you were really serious about acquisition and use, you might try contacting a nearby group photographer that does it as a business (lot of 'em in the Chicago area) and ask to piggy-back an order with them.

The 10's are favored in part because they offer the best compromise for camera size/weight - to final print size. I have only seen 1 16 and it was an absolute MONSTER!

-- Sean yates (, January 21, 2000.

My mistake, Dave Firman uses a #6 (which adapts to 5 X 7).

Also, here is a number that would allegedly help one get film - 806- 793-0641

-- Sean yates (, January 21, 2000.

Try and see if it helps you. This is the website address for the International Association of panoramic Photographers. A good group of people who can find someone in their midst to answer almost any question you have on these beasts. If you will be in Brigham City, Utah on the last Tuesday in February, you are invited to come to our Northern Utah Camera Club meeting in the city Museum Gallery at 7PM. We will have Bill Owens, one of their members who shoots heavily with 10inch by 5 foot negative sizes & processes & prints it also. If you need more personal contact, try Liz Hymans at as she either is or has been a president of the IAPP.

-- Dan Smith (, January 23, 2000.

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