Okay, what to do with all this wheat?

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I have 500# wheat berries. Anyone have any good ideas? It turns out that I'm alergic, so, I can't even use it to make beer!

-- Robert (robertisparanoid@y2k.com), January 20, 2000


Wait, you're allergic to wheat but you have 500 lbs of the stuff? Please amplify.

-- mommacarestx (nospam@thanks.net), January 20, 2000.

That's pretty good going - getting rid of over a hundred pounds of wheat in about a fortnight.

What I can't figure out is how you could live in a bread-dominated culture all your life, and now find out you're so allergic you can't eat wheat. Sure it wasn't digestive trouble from not being used to grain, or coarse-ground grain?

Sprouted and just cooked (say sprouted, then ten minutes boiling) it makes great animal food - poultry, rabbits, pigs, any stock.

-- Don Armstrong (darmst@yahoo.com.au), January 20, 2000.

There was much talk before Y2K about learning to barter. Michael Hyatt has a whole board on Barter at www.michaelhyatt.com. There is also a book much mentioned on this subject. Perhaps you could barter your wheat?

If not, and it is long-lasting packed, why not hold onto it until we see how this year plays out? It might be a good barter item later on.

If you just want it out of your way and neither of these options appeals to you, perhaps you could donate it to some family that uses wheat? There are lots of people who love to make homemade bread, and the fresh wheat my friend and I bought (small quantities each) at a Mennonite store makes heavenly bread, much more delicious than any we've bought in stores. My friend could never tolerate whole wheat bread from stores, but she adores this bread, which she finds more filling to her than white bread...and of course, it is much healthier. Have you tried it in breadmaking yet?

Some people would probably be glad to pay you for it. Or you could donate it if you wished.

-- Elaine Seavey (Gods1sheep@aol.com), January 21, 2000.

Hmm. Trying again with this post. I hope I won't end up duplicating. Anyway, I have a friend who is selling her Y2K grains and honey at farmer's markets now. In small bags. I have a wheat allergy too, which came on suddenly a few years ago (after developing chemical sensitivites). I stockpiled some spelt flour and spelt berries, along with oat and barley flours and corn meal. Good luck.

-- Amy (canaryclub@aol.com), January 21, 2000.

Cracked wheat works well as chicken food, in addition to a good laying mash...

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), January 25, 2000.

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