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I see in a past answer that someone recommended "respooling" 120 film in lieu of using 620, which I assume is no longer available? I have a Brownie (circa 1940) which uses 620 and have it sitting on the shelf because I thought it wasn't functional due to the lack of film available. I'd be thrilled to use 120 if I knew how.

-- Lisa Zack (, January 20, 2000


The easiest thing to do is not respool 120 film, but cut the plastic spool down so it fits in your 620 camera. Just snip a little off each end, so the diameter is smaller. Works great.

-- Larry (, January 21, 2000.

I just placed a roll of 120 film in my Kodak Hawkeye...and it took it problem...I have yet to develop it, but so far the number shows in the red windows and everything. It seems just fine

-- (, August 22, 2000.

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