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I remember a posting from you back a couple of months ago, commenting on the ever increasing sightings of cellular relays/towers going up in your area and wondering if they could be used nefariously. Dr. Nick Begich who wrote a book about HAARP in Alaska has a new book out and it's a real eye opener. With regard to those innocuous cell towers, Begich says one should simply assume they are being used as cellular signal relays, *BUT* as to the question of whether they can be used to transmit pulsed signals deliberately detrimental to the populace, the answer is a resounding yes and he has documentation to prove this has been done in other countries.

"Silently yet quickly encroaching on our personal freedoms, unchecked technology is being used by governments and research groups placing us all as unwitting subjects for control and experimentation. Dr. Nick Begich returns in an expose so shockingly comprehensive it is certain to create a storm of debate and action around the globe. By revealing these initiatives, Dr. Begich and co-author Jim Roderick blow the lid off ongoing and potential modern world atrocities of disastrous consequences to us all. This book is a must-read for anyone who believes in protecting their personal rights and freedoms as individuals." EARTH RISING,THE REVOLUTION Toward a Thousand Years of Peace by Dr. Nick Begich and Jim Roderick

Nick Begich's website

Keep the tinfoil hat handy, looks like it could actually be needed... *smile*

-- OR (orwelliator@biosys.net), January 20, 2000


Thanks for the heads up, sir. Over the month or two leading up to rollover, while exercising my paranoia to its logical conclusions, I observed one or two of the towers going up in residential areas or on sideroads that would have no conceivable use for monitoring traffic on the Interstate Sytem or arterial highways. I put the "watchtower" hypothesis to rest at that time -- but failed to post the retraction, hopin most folks would just fuggedboutit. My sense of paranoia -- at least -- was in full swing in the weeks leading up to rollover. Now I incline more towards a universal explanatgory theory with Adminsistration Incompetence as a central tenet.

But ... get this ....

As it turns out, I regularly drive witin 100 feet of one of these relay towers on my commute, generally with the radio on. I've never noticed anything unusual taking place there or at any other "installations" -- but on December 31 and for a few days thereafter, the static on the AM band approaching and in the vicintiy of the tower was ferocious, and overwhelmed the POrltand station signals on all frequencies. Didn't note anything similar before or since.



-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), January 20, 2000.

Oh, and SH, Cabella's sells nice steel grey cammo outfits as well as tower seats so that you can climb up, relax and wait for squirrels to go by. If I'm not mistaken, many of these towers are near small substations. You would do us all a favor if you would pick off any squirrel even contemplating going in one of those.

-- JIT (justintime@rightnow.net), January 20, 2000.

Dear JIT:

You can climb up and take a flying leap!

sis. :^)

-- >"< (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), January 20, 2000.

Now this information is of interest to me!!!!

For the past 8 weeks plus, there have been errections of several (read that as many) new communitctions towers here in West Texas! All of them the same, all of them designed for a multitude of satellite dishes (except theses towers all in line of view with each other as they cross the country).

And now, there are three of the very same type of towers going up here in tw (pop.93,000). I could not understand the why of it. We have always had excellent communications from "true" satellite receivers...Why now do we need line of sight receivers? And with such a enormous information receiving and transmission capisity?

It do give one something to think about. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shakey~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-- Shakey (in_a_bunker@forty.feet), January 20, 2000.

Dear SH,

Please show me how, since you are already the nut up in the cell relay tower.

Come on down!

-- JIT (justintime@rightnow.net), January 20, 2000.


FIRST THING I OBSERVED THAT WAS EXTRAORDINARY ABOUT THESE NEW TOWERS was that there were three(3) count 'em THREE erected within a period of 2 weeks at a single Interstae cloverleaf intersection where I-217 meet OR State Hwy 26 just west of Portland. Three of these went up withi a couple hundred yards of each other, one on E side of 217, anotehr on W side 100 yards northward, and another amongst the "clover" anotehr 50 yards north of the second. Then one went up within 2 miles of the first 3, only just down Hwy 26 from the interchange.

OVer the course of the 2 months leading up to rollover they appeared in manay place alng te Interste and arterial highways, and in many cases, like down around the Tigard exits off I-5 (south of Portland) there were another 3 (three) coun'em THREE within a few hundred yards or quarter mile of each other: often comparable or even identical design and mfg -- seeming to represent an extraordinary redundancy of carrying capacity. A that time, I saw noen of these except along the interestates. Since that time I have seen a few hither and thither in strictly residential areas, and so I abanonded my "guard-tower" hypothesis as scare-mongering hyperbole.

Still haven;t a clue as to why there should be 2-3-4 of these towers in such close proximity. Nor do I know why the one out here has apparently only functioned around Dece,ber 31, 1999.

-- >"< (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), January 20, 2000.

Uh, well, digital cellular is an quickly expanding market right now - and the focus is on metropolitan areas and the major arteries (i.e. Interstate highways) connecting them. Sprint, among others, continues to expand it's digital (PCS) coverage area. There are many more cellular towers in our area than there were a year ago. Given the marketing push, the increasing number of towers does not surprise me.

Perhaps my tinfoil is defective?

-- Arnie Rimmer (Arnie_Rimmer@usa.net), January 20, 2000.

Gosh darn it, we finally cleaned up the clutter around here - monster billboards taken down, overhead power and telephone lines tucked away out of site - and for a while we were able to see the sky almost uninterrupted. Now these cell phone towers are popping up all over the place!

Where's my weed-be-gone.

-- Margaret J (janssm@aol.com), January 20, 2000.

When I lived in Juneau, AK some years ago, Nick Begich was a politician. Hmmm....

-- Liz (lizpavek@hotmail.com), January 20, 2000.

Interesting, thanks!

-- Mara (MaraWayne@aol.com), January 20, 2000.

Liz, I believe his father was a senator in Alaska.

The fact that he and his father were politicians gives them more access to information on black ops. He was the first high profile citizen to ring alarm bells on the HAARP project.

This whole arena discussed in his new book encompasses mind and thought manipulation on a massive scale, as well as physical incapacitation (also on a massive scale). Some of the stuff in that book will shake you to your core.

Delightful reading!

-- OR (orwelliator@biosys.net), January 20, 2000.

A couple of months ago, one of the networks did a report on cancer risk and cell phones. Will this increase in towers increase this risk to the general public? (Will look for a link)

-- grannyclampett (don'thave@clue.com), January 20, 2000.

Link; http;//abcnews.go.com/onair/2020/2020_991020cellphones.html

-- grannyclampett (don'thave@clue.com), January 20, 2000.

Some things are ccomplete fabrications: this supposed cancer/cell phone link was a fabrication from one lawyer based on one case that was tried to be used to extort money from an insurance company and the cell phone company.

Groundless, nothing to worry about on that issue.


Cell phone towers being manipulated? Can't tell. Will try to learn more.


Detecting any kind of interference from any given antenna depends on output power, frequency, distance, and capability of the detector. A suitable antenna can pick up anything its designed for - even though the source is too small to be meaningful: a radar research antenna (for interstellar data from other galaxies) obviously can detect radio frequency signals that are way too small to do "anything" ... while a military air control radar near a runway will create radio interference so you can hear each sweep (as it rotates) on your car radio.

Do any given radio/radar waves affect you? Yes and no. depends on energy and physiology of the person? Could they be used? Classified...

The idea of using Microwave energy to heat/cook things is said to be first analyzed when a DEW line technician found a melted chocolate bar in his pocket while working in front of a military radar in Greenland....obviously, he himself was also being "cooked" by the radar as easily as the chocolate bar - but didn't know it since his body mass was large enough (and he was already cold enough!) not to be heated to the boiling point of water. If he had stood there long enough when the radar was energized...he might definitely be killed.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), January 21, 2000.

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