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My bill for Dec. Was $193. I am on the $21.95 unlimited access plan. Naturally I called and after more than an hour I was told I had used an 800 number to access AOL. I have Terminator and that program uses AOL which has the telephone #'s stored in the program. All I ever do is click and the number is dialed. NEVER use any other means of connecting.

Finally I am told they did have a problem but they would have to investigate my records and get back to me to see if I was affected. All I know is I have contacted my credit care co. and will get papers to dispute the charge.

AOL has more then 10,000,000 subscribers. I was overcharged $171. If 5,000,000 were overcharged $100, on average, that would be $500,000,000, What would be the interest on $500,000,000 for one month?

Dec. profits would be reallygood and not corrected until, maybe Feb.. In DEc-Jan AOL bought Time-Warner(?). The purchase could be finalized before the billing error is admitted to.

How many others out there were overbilled?

-- Mr. Pinochle (, January 20, 2000


Mr. P,

My AOL billing is fine so far. (thank goodness) Sorry to hear you are having a problem...always a hassle with stuff like this.

I recall about 2 yrs. ago, a friend of mine in Florida had a similar problem, and it turned out that somebody had accessed her account and was logging on with an 800# so it couldn't be traced as easily and it was billed to her. She did finally get it resolved. Good to change your password regularly.

Good luck.

~Dee =)

-- Dee (, January 20, 2000.

good one. i haven't seen this month's credit bill yet. PS I hate AOL. it is the ultimate evil empire.

-- tt (, January 20, 2000.

Steve Case Face Grace cover of US NEWS and Business Week both this week. Most undeveloped features I've ever seen. Eeeeeerie.


-- (nuts@upina.tree.), January 20, 2000.

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