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COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) -- The Y2K computer bug
hit the monitoring unit of an electrocardiogram
machine at a hospital, refusing to accept the year
2000, but experts detected the problem before the
machine was put to use, an official said Friday.

An electrocardiogram machine's monitoring unit
changed its computerized date to 1994 when a
technician at the Shri Jayawardenepura Hospital
switched it on Monday, according to the national
Y2k coordinator, Bernard Fernando.

Software experts tried to adjust the date to 2000,
but when the machine was switched on again, the
date jumped to 2094.

"What is worrying us is that the machine was Y2K certified," said Bernard Fernando. The unit was
shut down.

It was the first Y2K glitch reported in Sri Lanka.

Red Herring

-- spider (, January 20, 2000

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