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OK, here's the deal... I recently downloaded a VCD in the .bin/.cue file format. I used CDRWIN to burn the cd and i used the included .cue file. It is a 2 disc movie but I have yet do the second movie yet. The problem lies when i try to see the files burned on the CD, my computer tells me that the space is used and I know the files are there cause they can be extracted to a directory using CDRWIN. But they do not show up in my file explorer, therefore i have no way of opening the file to view it on the cd. Am I missing a step here or do i just need to go about burning in a different way? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

-- Eric (, January 20, 2000


hi eric,

it's been a while since you posted this, but i was wondering if you've got this figured out. i am trying to burn a bin/cue set of files to VCD but cannot find the right burn settings to make it work - have you?

-- hitechjunkie (, October 18, 2000.

If you people are still trying to get your VCD's to work, just diwnload VCDGear 2.0 (, convert the bin/cue files to mpegs and then direstly burn the mpegs on to the cd's. That's all I can say, cya latah ;o))

-- daSilVetZ (, February 21, 2001.

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