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For the 1999-2000 school year, I will be a member of the governance team. This will get me to a "B" for each semester.

My other projects will be on two conferences that I will be attending during the school year. The first conference was on January 5th, and was sponsored by Rainy River Community College. The Rivertown Conference is in its first year with its main concept to be getting the area educators together and talk shop! The other conference I will be attending will be the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics at the end of March. I will write and submit reports on these conferences to receive my "A" grade.

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2000


Hi Timm, Go for it! This sounds like a good plan and fits into your professional life. Your input on the governance team is appreciated and your write-ups including how these conferences will impact your teaching will be anticipated. Your proposal is approved. Thank you, Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2000

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