15 false alarms, then...

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...then one that *wasn't* false.

A fire at a Seton Hall dorm killed three and injured 58.

-- Ron Schwarz (rs@clubvb.com.delete.this), January 19, 2000


So what Ron? ...Why would that bother you? What's the point? Trying to impress someone here?

How can you come off like you 'care' "over here" on this thread Ron, when Meyers (my personal friend) brought-up issues of people getting hurt from the environment...and you voimitted all over him? Relentlessly...you never gave him a break.

So what exactly is your post above supposed to mean?

I saw what you did to Meyers' thread - *everybody* here should - you squirmy cheap-pot-shot troll.

Don't be fooled folks. To see what a complete hypocrite this two- faced jack(beep!) Ron Schwarz really is...visit:


Arguably one of the finest threads on the TB2000 forum, inspite of you Ron.

Remember Ron? "What you put out...is what you get back."

Didn't want you to just 'run-off' someplace else Ron...after the 'slash, burn and run' tactics you displayed on the above thread.

I think everyone should see you in action Ron...the real you.

Have a nice day Ron. 'I'll be watching you.' (Sting)

"Your Nemesis..."

ICE - just 4 U

-- ICE (ISee@ThruYou.com), January 20, 2000.

I hate to say it, but I have to agree with you ICE. People really ought to see what this guy Ron is all about. The best way to deal with a vampire - is to expose him to the Light of Day.

Go check out the thread; you'll see what ICE is talking about.

You think you can get away with that crap Ron? Think again little boy...and clean-up your act.

-- Breanna (Breanna@hotmail.com), January 20, 2000.

Wow ICE -!

Awesome thread...total mind-bender. A gold mine of insights. Thanks for bringing to my attention. Really should pass this one onto your friends.

I'm blown away...

Where'd this guy Meyers come from???

-- JustLearning (NowU@know2.com), January 20, 2000.

BTW - Did you get a chance to check out his other thread "Y2K - Did we REALLY Learn Anything?" at:


(Yordon should definitely see this one...)

...this guy is a walking Acid Trip. Wait till you see the "Y2K Overview" drawing at his website. Unreal! How come we didn't hear about this before?

-- JustLearning (NowU@know2.com), January 20, 2000.

Oh..! Ron...silly me, I almost forget.

I mean, unless you haven't already picked-up on it yet:

don't screw with good people...

don't screw with my friends...

Think twice

or somebody's gonna 'screw' with you...

Fair enough?

and, How u like me NOW???

ICE just 4 U (as in: "justice")

PS 'sweet...isn't it?'

-- ICE (ISee@ThruYou.com), January 20, 2000.

Give it a rest already, ICE. Ron is a GI, he's one of us. If you don't like the company here, then leave and stop being a whining little crybaby.

-- (waa@waa.waa), January 20, 2000.

Hey wawa...

I have no problem with you. So where are you comming off with "lay off of it"? Where were you when "Rambo-Ron" was climbing down Meyers throat? Why didn't you tell him to lay off?

Somebody come back down this whimp...after he keeps pushing and pushing...and then u gotta stand up for him. What kind club you running here. Forget me...forget you. Did you actually read that entire thread?

My dad's Lt. Col; bro's a Nam/Marine; Mom's Army Nurse. So what sort of privilege is "we're" GI's" supposed to give you...when the guy acted like a complete a-shole?

You condone that kind of behavior? What's your point? What if is was you. You'd be sitten there so 'cool' about it?

Come on man....at least be fair. Get real man...

With respect,

-- ICE (ISee@ThruU.com), January 20, 2000.

Gee, "ICE," how thoughtful of you to commit your threats to writing.

I'm sure you'll regret it, but that's life.

-- Ron Schwarz (rs@clubvb.com.delete.this), January 21, 2000.


Your pal Steve asked for it:

"Anyone else care to share their baseless speculations? Penny for your thoughts..."



Then he simply escalated the pissing match.

His initial error was alledging todays oil sector market activity mirrors the '74 without supporting the arguement and then throwing out the gauntlet, daring anyone to disagree.

I agree the '74 price increases were manipulated, based on things a retired Army Intel officer posed in speculation. Who knows?

Today's market appears to be a supply problem. Buy the rumor, sell the news.

Harbor Guy might be worth reading to get a clue when it's time to sell.

-- Tom Beckner (tbeckner@xout.erols.com), January 21, 2000.

Tom - Just to share a perspective on all this. In retrospect, maybe I could have been more clear. But as you know, it's quite difficult to anticipate *every* persons "filtering & assigning their own meaning". With Y2K, we just saw what happens when anyone (polly, doomer or inbetween) tries to *predict* the future, or 'assess what's going on'. A lot of the heat came from people taking "absolute" either/or positions. I was trying to NOT do that and thought it was clear. I did not write the opening article - I didn't allege anything about it. It was included as a reference and starting point. Go after whoever wrote that article, not me. It only said, there was significant activity and high prices in oil, which is true. Take a look at the stock market spot prices and futures. Did you notice the separation line between the article...and where I started to write? Then, "total speculation" (for what follows). Meaning, 'Just sharing thoughts, perspectives, ideas which come to mind'. Have you ever done that? It was said, poking fun at myself, said deliberately to remove the "I know...THIS IS the way it IS!"...an absurd position in a changing world. Also, I finished off the same way: (tongue-in-cheek humor) "Anyone care to share their baseless speculations?" Didn't get the implied joke - about what I had just written? I don't see that I 'escalated' the situation. Tried to get Ron off the personalities (his issue, making across the board attack on me, rather than focusing on the issues, or sharing "why" or "what" was wrong with my perspectives, which, obviously almost gave him a heart attack. I tried to ignore his 'pissing on the carpet' behavior - that's very clear in the thread. I even apologized twice, but he just kept coming, didn't he...notice that? He had an issue to ram down someone's throat. Zero respect. Zero addressing the situation. Zero responsibility to SOLVE the situation, or act like an adult and offer something more uplifting. He got stuck in his own agenda. Now, did you see the end of the article? When I laughed at *both of us* "banging out heads on the wall"? Notice how he just dissappeared..nothing to say, after leaving a trail of crap and hurt? Couldn't even laugh, maybe come to the center...anything? BTW: Ever notice how in all the discussion...the issues were never addressed? What is that? All this after analysis is 'too much' for something which will be forgotten in a few days, if not already. But I didn't want to leave your comments without some reply. I think if anyone has the interest to re-read the thread they can pretty much see what happened...without your spin, mine, or anyone else's. They are not stupid; they can see the 'overall drift'. BTW: did you have any thoughts about what WAS addressed in that thread, besides your "he asked for it" 'final determination'? I didn't ask for anything Tom. I shared some ideas on a thread I started. I didn't go into your thread, or Ron's thread and start having an anal attack like Ron. I asked for some respect. You wait till you pour-out something like what is in that thread, then have someone like Ron come in, take his much needed dump...and then you tell me how it feels. It's amazing how people get side-tracked on anything but the issues and turn it into an opportunity to punch someone...you see it all the time on this forum...not just in that thread. Ever notice that? Not a dam word about *the issues* from you or Ron...just 'personality analysis'. I'm not impressed, it's sick. Denial is just such a wonderful thing. It keeps us all comfortably intact with the crap we feed ourselves...and each other. Wouldn't you agree? Steve Meyers
Global Strategies Project
http://www.bashar.com/GSP PS. I was severely abused as a child...so don't tell me I don't know exactly what some punishing bastard like Ron is doing...alright? I've had enough, and I don't have to take that crap from anyone. When you see it, you call it. If they can't handle it...BFD. Know what I mean? That's a lot of what's wrong in the world today. You have a lot of jerks going around doing anything they damn well please, and those that know are too timid, too spineless to even say what they really think or feel anymore. Take a look outside your window and at the Human Condition...and you tell me "why" its happening. I already said what I had to say. Ron - Please try to not get upset at people who don't write to fit your short attention span, or at people who don't think and respond with your "sound byte" glitzy one-sentence throw away lines that you are expecting. If you don't like my stuff, or style...why not just show everyone how smart you are...and leave. Simple...huh? But that is not what you are looking for...is it? Go find someone else to dump on because I'm not going to just sit here while are doing that. I've had enough abuse already thank you. I don't need any more of yours, or your *repeating what happened to you...if you remember. Remember??? Who was it Ron? That did to you...exactly what you are doing...you had to learn it, or see it modeled some place, huh? And if you figure that out, maybe you'll be able to turn that key and not be "constantly under arrest". Believe me, I've been there and it ain't no fun. If you don't like someone talking...then why don't you just be honest and tell them "Shut Up! I can't handle it! Shut Up! I'm afraid...SHUT UP! Don't make me think..it hurts my head!! SHUT UP!" That'll fix it.... Besides, I like controversy...people are much more real, and really show who and what they really are inside. (go back and re-read the thread). Forget being politically correct...its boring and far too predictable. I've tried to make this as long as possible in hopes that you will continue the 'fight'...and draw even MORE attention to it...which only serves my purposes of getting the ISSUES looked at. sneaky...huh?

-- Steve Meyers (SMeyers33@aol.com), January 21, 2000.

Don't blame me....it was all seperated into nice neat paragraphs when i pushed the button. Prolly a Y2K error...

-- Steve (S@M.com), January 21, 2000.


If your thoughts and conclusions are being misunderstood there are two areas to consider as root causes.

The problem lies with the reader or the problem lies with the author.

If the reader has a comprehension and / or intellectual integrity problem, I would suggest ignoring him.

If you are satisfied your thoughts and conclusions have been delivered in an organized, concise manner, you have done all you can do.

A personal note. I am sorry that you were abused, but neither of us has the ability to un-ring a bell.

The good news is that you have no special license here or elsewhere because of another person's sin. You have something more valuable, more tangible, and it's time to cash it in.

It's time to play your trump card and win the hand. It's time to play the card of complete forgiveness and rake in the pot of relief and self esteem and confidence that lays on the table before you.

Play that card now, rake in the pot. Sit at the table among the winners laughing and telling stories while the losers cry "deal." Winning is more fun than losing, all you have to do to win is make the easy plays. The hard plays will take care of themself.

In response to an inquirey about "how can something like that happen, Grandma?", she responded that there is a reason for everything, even a dog turd.

That's fine for the normal day to day aggrevations, but for the long run I refer to the lesson of Job.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find a mirror and see if I can get this splinter out of my eye.


-- Tom Beckner (tbeckner@xout.erols.com), January 28, 2000.


Thanks very much for taking the time for such a thoughtful reply. All points well taken and valid..."I'm a workin' on it...day by day."

You might want to see some of my "progress" (and fun too let us not forget!)...follow the crumbs on the Yellow Brick Road from the "Mortal Kombat - Death Match 2000" thread, take a walk through the Forest Itself, and in The End - you may find a few gems worth keeping there as well...as I have found in all you stated above.

Thank you very much...you are quite correct in all you said.



Doorway Link to:


-- steve (TomBeckner@Cares.See?com), February 02, 2000.

Tom said,

"That's fine for the normal day to day aggrevations, but for the long run I refer to the lesson of Job."

If you have the time, i would very much like to hear the Story & Lesson of Job. Perhaps I have something to learn there as well.

Only if you have the time; I'll try to remember to check this thread periodically for any other Gems of Wisdom you might wish to share.

Priceless...aren't they...?

-- steve (WhoCares@nymoreRight?.com), February 02, 2000.

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