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In regards to when it would be best to name our keepers, here are my thoughts. I was originally for doing it say 2 weeks before the auction. My thinking was two weeks was more then enough time to prepare.

In my truck today I realized just how wrong I was. A certain player was mentioned and I thought I could buy him low, use my money elsewhere and maybe steal one. I analyze and think about my football on a daily basis during the season and at least weekly between now and next years auction. While this is sad it is no less true.

So the problem is, is he a keeper?

I don't know, I doubt the owner of the team does. We have already taken most of the element of chance out of the keeper rules by doing it at the end of the season.

My vote is to name our keepers 1 week after the Pro Bowl.

I am curious what other people think, please respond. Marc

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2000


here are my thoughts

I have talked at length about this with Matt and Clayton and whoever else will listen to me and I have a couple of reasons why I think it would be better to wait until a week or 2 before the draft.

First, we aren't sure who is going to play next year. Lets say Kristie isn't going to play next year, should she decide what keepers are kept from her team, or would it be better for the incoming owner who inherits her team to make that decision.

Second, what if you have a player who may be on the verge of being traded or aren't sure of their future. Example, there are rumors that J. George is going to leave the Vikings and Tim Brown is going to the Cowboys. Does Matt want to keep George if he ends up in New Orleans? No. So by waiting, most of the offseason moves the real NFL makes will be over and so we can make a more accurate selection of our keepers.

Third. the keeper league was set up to keep some continutiy from season to season and some offseason interest. I think this is better served if we wait to make our selections.

Fourth, I realize it causes a slight problem in planning your strategy for next year, but it adds an element of skill and excitement. Also, face it Marc, even if all the keepers were selected, you are going to change your auction strategy at least 10 times from now until August.

These are my thougts, what are your?


-- Anonymous, January 25, 2000

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