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I am shifting the emphasis from homesteading in the face of infrastructure breakdown to grabbing my assets with both hands. Any last minute advice for the budding gold owner?

"Help me Andy-Wan. Your my only hope."

Watch six and keep your...

-- eyes_open (best@wishes.2all), January 18, 2000


Buy Philharmonics or Maple leafs. They are cheaper and prettier. Silver is going to be the biggest winner. Ask Buffett and Gates.

-- No Spam (No@spam.spam), January 18, 2000.

Andy knows best, but I suggest 1oz Gold Eagles. They are the only legal coin which may be kept in your IRA. They are unlikley to ever be confiscated. They are universally recognized and very marketable. It would be stupid to try and counterfeit a Gold Eagle. Good luck!

Try WWW.AJPM.COM for a daily buy/sell price. If you buy 10oz, they pay the freight, and they always seem to quote a very good price. Certainly better than the locals! For comparison: Spot 286/oz, Buy 286, Sell 299.


-- Uhhmmm... (, January 18, 2000.

I am very satisfied with the broker I used...

can discuss with you on email

-- Thom Gilligan (, January 18, 2000.

Why is it that a parade of people are coming here for investment advise? I am sure their are many well-intentioned folks here-BUT no one is giving solid credentials, and much of the advise is based on innuendo and driven by emotionalism-I suggest you seek a financial advisor, who you can look in the face. Only you know the level of risk your comfortable with-I am sorry that you still truly believe the infrastructure is falling apart-I have yet too see a mathematician/engineeer here who can put the number of "failures", y2k or not, in comparison to the trillions of interactions that take place every day in the infrastructure, in their proper perspective- Then we might come close to what the true % of failure there is-FWIW

-- futureshock (, January 18, 2000.

futureshock...most 'financial advisors' have a parchment on their wall. Quite a few of those parchments would not even be worth using as TP. I can get accreditation as a FP for about 250 dollars and open my office. The opinions (and that's exactly what they are) expressed on this forum are just if not more valuable than those of someone trying to convince you to buy something (that he/she just happens to receive commission for).

Now, if I saw one of our posters trying to sell something, I would be one of the first to light the torch for flaming. Cool it and take the opinions in the spirit in which they are delivered. (We're all adults---of sorts. If not, we couldn't open a gold account anyway. No harm, no blame).

-- Lobo (, January 18, 2000.


My post was not intended as a flame-and yes, you are right, there are many dishonorable people who have the parchmant on the wall. My suggestion was to do business the old-fashioned way-Look at the person, read their body language, look at their track record-get as many Opinions as you can-I only suggest that face-to-face is the truest test-I am sorry you thought I did not mean well-I do not think anyone should use a single source of info-this board or any individual writer, columnist, advisor..... Peace

-- futureshock (, January 18, 2000.

futureshock. OK, OK. Peace, brother. Yes, you are so right about utilizing all of our senses (including common) when juding whether or not to trust an individual or his input. I do online trading quite a bit. However, my decisions are just that, MY decisions. I went thru a broker for about 6 months...and I became broker. I now trade for myself and so far the last 12 months have beat most of the funds. I can smile...I bailed out of AOL two days before they announced the merger.

I am also long oil (Brent) from 17.877. You see, I took Andy's advice, did some research and put my money where I thought it would do some good. Is this advice good thru 2/2000....who the heck knows? I do know that I get more news here appropriate to my thoughts than I ever would from MSNBC or CNNfn.

Peace and good hunting, brother.

-- Lobo (, January 19, 2000.

Dont do it, Gold no longer has comercial value. But if your heart is set on buying some soft yellow metal wait a while and buy it when it drops below $100/oz

-- (, January 19, 2000.

If you want it in your hot little hands -- Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, .. any of the common BULLION coins. DO NOT get "numismatic" coins unless you are an upscale Pokeman type collector.

If you want an ACCOUNT, one way to go is Central Fund of Canada -- a MUTUAL FUND (exchange traded symbol CEF). Another way is Gold and Silver Reserve ( giving you the option of any or all of four precious metals, plus a buyer driven payment system as opposed to merchant driven (credit/debit cards).

-- A (, January 19, 2000.

Central Fund of Canada is currently trading at a discount. Asset value was $3.93+ Tuesday jan 18. Shares traded at $3.50. You are buying Gold and Silver at a discount.

-- REvans (, January 19, 2000.

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