Flint, Michigan: Gasoline 44 cents higher than one year ago

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Flint, Michigan: Gasoline 44 cents higher than one year ago

Fuel price blues: All join chorus of complaints According to AAA Michigan, drivers in outstate Michigan are paying the highest fuel prices since the Persian Gulf War began in January 1991. The automobile club reported that costs rose an average 5.4 cents this week to $1.38 per gallon for self-serve unleaded fuel. The per-gallon price is 43.9 cents higher than a year ago. Across the state, self-serve unleaded fuel ranges between $1.29 and $1.49 a gallon, according to AAA's weekly "Fuel Gauge" survey. In the Detroit area, motorists are paying an average $1.33 per gallon. That's 4.1 cents more than a week ago, and 40.1 cents more than this time last year. Unleaded prices range from $1.24 to $1.40 in metropolitan Detroit.

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-- Carl Jenkins (Somewherepress@aol.com), January 18, 2000


Five cents higher on the gal unleaded reg since fri evening here in So. Ga.

-- Notforlong (Fsur@aol.com), January 18, 2000.

What's the problem? Don't you know that according to the latest CPI numbers inflation isn't a problem. (LOL)


-- Teague Harper (tharper@cyberhighway.net), January 18, 2000.

$1.40 for Reg in Traverse City, Mi.

-- JB (noway@jose.com), January 18, 2000.

* * * 20000118 Tuesday

Supporting Carl:

Here in the Clarkston, Michigan area--just 15-20 miles south of Carl-- we're paying anywhere between US$1.399 to US$1.549 (Regular) and US$1.549 to US$1.699 (Premium).

Kerosene is up around US$2.59/US gallon, too; in November it was around US$1.15/US gallon.

How quaint of the media and economists to report that inflation is flat (paraphrasing) "when fuel is excluded from the indices."

If you drive some 400 miles/week at 25 miles/US gallon, that's 16 US gallons. At US$0.929/US gallon (year-ago), that's US$14.86/Week; at US$1.399/US gallon (today), that's US$22.38/Week. That worls out to [ US$391 | 50%+ ]/year-to-year INCREASE in fuel costs!!

Could it possibly be true that ALL of this increase is being "eaten" by the Transportation Industry and/or Businesses?! I think not. It is, or will be, passed on to (We) the consumers!

She-ople _buy it_ (the non-inflation story, that is), however.

Regards, Bob Mangus

* * *

-- Robert Mangus (rmangus1@yahoo.com), January 18, 2000.

FWIW -- my understanding from tals with local gasoline wholesalers, is that kero is manufactured ONCE A YEAR and ONCE A YEAR ONLY in andavnace and inanticipation of demandprojected from proceeding years. I have no idea whether it is made earlier or later in the year .... but if these problems at refineries persist or are aggravated it is conceivable (to the doombrood imagination) that kero production could be ELIMINATED for a given year, in favor of other ptrol products.

Anyway, that's speculation .... maybe some of the industry experts can qualify my third-hand mis-information.

-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@needa.newaddress), January 18, 2000.


-- Hokie (Hokie_@hotmail.com), January 18, 2000.

I'm confused - I've read the above posts yet this morning I gassed up at $1.259 for self serve unleaded in New Hampshire (COOOOOLD!!)

I don't get it - this must be a regional thing?


-- Brian (btanguay@earthklink.net), January 19, 2000.

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