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I just bought a backpack that works great for hauling my 8x10 Deardorff. The Jansport Extremist is a panel loader with 3,000 cubic inches of room. I can carry my camera, 2 lenses, 4 holders, filters, BTZS dark cloth and accessories. It's available now for only $70 from

-- Bruce Schultz (, January 18, 2000


OK -- I'm not contributing an answer - I'm asking another question.

The main thing that seems to differentiate a dedicated photo backpack from any other backpack is the dividers....and the price. I REALLY need a pack for photography, but can't justify $300 for a photo backpack. (I hate to buy a pack that is worth more than the equipment I have!) If I consider a regular backpack, I have images of my lenses, motordrives, filters, film holders, etc. all rolling about bashing into each other in the pack without dividers.

Has anybody had any luck making, or purchasing, dividers for a camping backpack? Does anyone know of a camping backpack that comes with some sort of dividers?

-- John H. Henderson (, January 19, 2000.

About John's question, you might want to try Domke dividers inserted into a pack of your choice. I personally recommend Osprey Backside or Vertigo (, which are priced about $150-160. If you're looking for a bigger capacity for the other stuff like camping equipment, then you might want to consider any panel loading pack ( while photo gears are put inside a photo case with a hard shell protection, something like Lightware (I have an experience with Multi-format case 1015). Also take a look at Lightware backpacks (Ellis might follow up to comment on the experience with this pack).

You might want to see my thread for your reference.

-- Masayoshi Hayashi (, January 19, 2000.

Have you gone to your local surplus store to look for backpacks? I did and they were very helpful. they even allowed me to try on all the packs I wanted to and load them with my gear. I purchased a Jansport Scout. I like the exterior frame and the pockets on the side for stuff.(Water, loupe,tape measure etc). I purchased a sleeping mat and cut that up to pad the pack. I wrap my 8x10 wista in the blue stuff, put the reducing back on top to hold it all together. 5 holders,polaroid back (4x5),film for that all goes in the main opening. 2 Lenses wrapped in the Domke wraps,btzs hood, meter,note pad,granola bar, (really a snicker bar,)little tool kit and assorted note taking materials. All this goes in the smaller opening below the main compartment. I can strap the tripod to the top and away I go. Works great. So if you are on a limited budget, go to your surplus store on a quiet Wednesday and explore.

-- jacque staskon (, January 20, 2000.

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