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I've captured from a Sony Camcorder in PAL format. Using the Ulead Video Studio 4.0 I've edited and rendered the whole project by selcting "PAL VCD" as compression. The program automatically sets all the parameters and out comes a MPEG File. I've tried to burn a VCD than using Adaptec ECDC 4 and the program crashed on me repeatedly. Using Nero 4.0.6 Burning ROM worked successfully and out came a VCD with the correct file structure and my movie. Sloting that result into my stand-alone DVD player connected to a TV brought no result. The DVD couldn't read it. Sloting the same one into a 100$ VCD stand-alone player played the movie correctly and nicely (including sound) on my TV. My computer can also read the VCD correctly. Trying the same procedure with capturing and rendering according to NTSC standard beared the exact same results.

What the heck went wrong. If it where the other way around (the DVD plays it and the cheap VCD doesn't) I would have understood, but this way ???

Sine hopefully somebody is at it answering my question, maybe you can also let me know if I can use a CDRW instead of the CDR's for my trials, since it is getting kind of expensive running thru one CDR after the other to see if the stuff finally works (Even so my kids really found some creative ways of playing with my "wasted" CDR's).

Thanks a lot - OLLIE

-- Oliver (, January 18, 2000


Not all set top DVD players can play CDR. Have you checked whether yours can?

-- Daniel S Lee (, January 18, 2000.

Have done 100's of burns using CD-RW first before I actually commit to CD-R. Nero now seems very reliable.

The non playing DVD is the reason a lot of us mastered the vcd on the computer first and then went out to buy a DVD because there are a lot of playback problems.

Just check the archives here to see what others have written on the subject.

-- Ross McL (, January 19, 2000.

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