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I recently purchased a Linhof labled 90mm Schneider f5.6 Super Angulon lens. I have been told that, except for the Linhof name, it is identical to all other current 90mm f5.6 Super Angulons. I also purchased a 110mm square Toyo lens board that is recessed 12.5mm, AND a Toyo Cable Release Extender for the Copal 0 shutter. My camera is a 4x5 Toyo 45A II FIELD CAMERA. The cable release extender will not mount on this lens. It is off by about 1/16 of an inch from matching up with the cable release stub on the lens. Thinking it was simply a bad part, I ordered and tried ANOTHER one of these Toyo Cable Release Extenders. Same problem. Has anyone else had this problem? I feel that any accessory like this that costs $89 should FIT! Please help me on this, if you can.

-- Andrew McCulloch (, January 17, 2000


Andrew, this one drove me crazy.. not only does it not fit properly, once you do jury rig it on, the cable release, when fired, makes the adapter slide around the lens preventing the shutter from firing! Very poor design, one of the only poor product I have bought with the Toyo name on it. My solution was buying a $15 right angle cable release extender. Just screw it in the cable release socket and then attach your cable release to the other side, it works flawlessly, so go get you money back and make your life easier and install one of these 90 Deg. angle calbe relase extenders.. they are available just about every camera store that sells LF. good luck...

-- Bill Glickman (, January 17, 2000.

Many thanks to Bill Glickman for his quick response to my problem. For a while there I felt that I was somehow part of the problem! I should have suspected some kind of mismatch when I saw the instructions labled as "TOYO Relese Adapter Instruction Manual" The misspelling was a hint of bad things to come. Can you imagine charging $89 for an accessory that will not fit on one of the most standard lenses in the world? I'm getting my money back. I need no more responses to this ... I'm going for the $15 solution.


-- Andrew McCulloch (, January 17, 2000.


I have not tried the Toyo accessory, but am suprised that something from Toyo is not first rate. I have often wondered what Nikon meant in their brouchures that their copal shutters were specially made for Nikon. I wonder if they are somehow different in specs.

The solution that I found was from Calumet. They sell a "20 inch flexible tip" cable release (I think it is part #1021). It is not really a flexible tip, but instead, the screw threads on the cable don't rotate independently of the cable. This allows you to screw the cable release in by turning the entire cable. It works like a charm, and is much quicker to attach to any lens than a standard cable. In addition, this release is made by Prontor, and is one of the most flexible and smooth cable releases I have ever used. I find it preferable to using a right angle adapter since those often increase the pressure needed to release the shutter.

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (, January 17, 2000.

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