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1)If you are using any of the following monsters it will not work. Angle Pixie/Gali, Gali Gali/Gali, Cyclops Naga/Suezo. 2)This also won't work if you have no patience and just want to beat the game and get it over with.

3)If your monster hates milk. Ok lets start!

1)Start on a forth week of any month rest your monster. Then feed it milk this keeps strees low.

2)Until it gets bigger on your screen do only one stared light drills. light,light,rest,light,rest,light,light

3)When it is old do a basic routine mine is Heavy,light,light,rest,I forget if there were two rest in arow ,Heavy,Heavy,Rest,yet again not sur two or not but if he isn't very well then it is two,Heavy,light, light,light,light,rest. In the double heavies save and keep resetin till you get great.

4) Every time you need a move think about it try and limit only to getting the move you like. ie. Pixies/ Kiss horible don't get it.

5)After an errantry or battle give it the treat it likes to find out keep buying one at a time reseting if it doesn't like it.

6)When it starting to get out of its prime feed it a golden peach which I think helps the peach make your life increase more.

7)Give it mint leaves if for some odd reason it get stressed out.

8)Once it get old and it going to die freeze it.

9)repeat this process with another monster which has the skills it is good at the same as your other.

10) Once you are finished combine and use Azn-beast method.

My Pixie started second generation which is a good Idea to start with: 102L 130P 298INT 200SK 234S 55D

Grown up stats after using this method: 204L 198P 687INT 654SK 666SP 99D

I combined her with Entau 2nd Genation he started at: 209L 213P 134INT 248SK 55SP 296D

His grown up stats are: 439L 589P 196INT 598SK 100SP 650D

Together they made pixie what a bummer but look at the stats she started and finished with: 154L 163P 303INT 358SK 167SP 145D

Her grown up stats using Azn-beasts method: 202L 304P 999INT 978SK 876SP 186D

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2000


I trained using your method and I got a realy awesome minster!!! It got me to S class and it beat the big fat whale gjuy.

Here are the statistics, power = 327, def = 166, spd = 102, skill = 350, int = 750, lif = 212.

It was a phonics too! Thank you dardrdad, your meythod works lilke a charm! just like you.

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2000

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