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I've tried Adaptec Video CD Creator, Gear, Nero and WinONcd, all with the same results. A standard MPG file is fed in (White Book). It is accepted and burnt, then when I try to play it using a videocd player, it can't read the file. If I put two videos to play one after the other on the CD, the second one can be played, but not the first. If the videos are then swapped round and reburnt, still the second one won't it's not a fault of the files... The files register properly in the MPEG_AV directory as DAT files, and no errors are reported while burning the disc....

-- The Pacifist (, January 17, 2000


Are you burning to CD-RW. If so, try burning to CD-RW. I do.

None of my CD-Rs play on my Panasonic DVD-A359EB but CD-RWs do, whether one long file or several short ones, albeit with 1 sec gaps between them.

I use Nero. Any idea how to get rid of the gaps?

-- Mike Miller (, April 30, 2000.

A little confusion maybe just on my part... You say the Second one plays and then when you swap them around the one that wouldn't play the first time still doesn't play? If that's the case there is an error in the mpg file. I use Adaptec Video CD creator also and have no problems but just because it accepts it as a valid file diesn't mean there are no errors in it. It just means it meets the specs. As far as getting rid of the gaps the only reasonably priced software I know of that will do that is EZ CD Creator. It will play the files seamlessly. I also have NTI and it does not

-- Al McCraw (, May 01, 2000.

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