optical aids for focussing

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I bought 2 pair of 2.75Diop. glasses at a flea mkt. for $10. Then popped the lenses out of one and Siliconed them on top of the mounted pair. Now I can look at my G.G. from 5" and get the whole 6x7 image. Much better than 14" out with my 2.75 reading glasses. It must be great to have "young" eyes again.

-- George Nedleman (gnln@thegrid.net), January 17, 2000


hi george' i also don't have young eyes anymore i use 2 pwer reading glasses from the drug store $22 i can see the gg very well on 4x5 i'm also using longer lenses when i was younger i always shot very wide ? i've been using the view camera for 228 yrs for commercial and fine art now finally i have seperated my cameras into my needs see ya!

-- lee nadel (photonoodl@nii.net), January 18, 2000.

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