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At intro class # 2 today I noticed the following:

1. We need mousepads for the new computers. 2. A couple of the new computers apparently do not have printer drivers installed. The result was a warning notice, and also that in MS works they do not show the normal Header/text/footer relationship that the others show. This was really disconcerting until I figured out what was going on. 3. We had a couple of startup problems with the older computers that was fixed by using Ctrl-Alt-Delete. 4. The version (4.0) of Internet Explorer nstalled on these machines does not work properly with the Java on our Aiken Seniornet web page. Netscape does.

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2000


1. Mouse pads are on order. I will see if I can borrow some till they get here.

2. The university computer department is xapping the machib=nes with the same software that is on the old systems.

3. We should stress again to watch and make sure the systems are turned off properly at the end of each class. This is not the entire problem but contributes to the problem

4. Internet Explorer will be updated to the same as the other side when the systems are zapped.

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2000

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