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I am a complete newby to photography, but am looking at getting a basic camera that will allow me to get out and learn. I have a chance to buy a FS-1 that comes with the original 40 mm Hexanon lens, plus an 80-200 zoom lens that appears to be made by "Formula 5". I have two questions: 1. Is the FS-1 a good choice for me as a beginner? Will I be able to mess with things enough manually to learn everything I need to know? 2. Has anybody heard of "Formula 5"? I understand from what I've read so far that not a lot of lenses fit Konica cameras, and this brand is not among the ones I've seen listed places. It does fit, though, and seems to be in good condition. Any idea if this is likely to be a good quality lens? Thanks!

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2000


To Buy An FS-1?

Chris The FS-1 is an excellent camera to learn with. You can switch from auto to manual at any time without a lot of fiddling around. Just take the lens off auto and set it where you want. The camera will give you proper metering and you can set the lens at the recommended f/stop or where ever you please. Formula 5 is an "off-brand" lens, made by...I can't recall off-hand, sorry. As to not having a lot of lenses fitting Konica mount, let me disabuse you of that misconception. Not only did Konica supply a full line of lenses, but many third-party companies did also. There are NO new lenses being made to fit the Konica mount that I know of currently. However, there were so many made for Konica that I seriously doubt you will need something that wasn't. There are dozens of different Vivitars, Tamrons, Tokinas, and other brands available in almost every conceivable focal length and specialty type. Another point is the filter size, which is conveniently common, therefore very affordable, of Konica lenses and most third-party lenses for Konica. If the Formula 5 works out OK and seems to deliver the image quality you crave, then, by all means, go for it. You are the one who must determine its usefulness.

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2000

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