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I am creating VCD using Nero using HP's CD-R media. I am using .DAT files from another VCD. All seems to go fine. When I play it on a VCD player, the display is just blank and there is no sound. By blank display I am no picture but the clock displayed by my VCD player keeps ticking on the screen. I can play audio CDs created on similar media on the same player. When I tried playing the AVSEQ01.DAT file on my PC using Active Movie, it doesn't play and says "Cannot play back the file. The format not supported." but the original MUSIC01.DAT file used to create the VCD plays fine on my PC. Do I need to convert the .DAT file MPEG-1 and then burn? Nero supports adding .DAT files to VCD.

In Nero, the Finalize CD option is greyed out.

Also if I do a CD Info from Nero, it shows 225MB available.

Please help.

-- Deepak Mathur (, January 17, 2000



NERO will not run properley with DMA enabled burning-device. Please check settings in windows control-panel -> system-program. In properties of your CD-Burner DMA should be unchecked. After changing, you must reboot ! hope, it will help.

bye !


-- (, January 17, 2000.

Hi You cannot take a .dat file off a VCD and write it to another CDR and make a VCD out of it. Even if you copy the complete VCD file structure from a VCD and write it to a CDR, it is not a properly written VCD. It may play on your CD-ROM drive as the PC is more forgiving but it will not play on a VCD desktop.

Hope this answer your concerns.

Regards, NT

-- NT (, January 17, 2000.

You can use the *.dat file as an input to the Panasonic encoder and get an acceptable vcd from it.

-- Ross McL (, January 17, 2000.

hello i want to convert my vedio fil from type to onther type like avi to dat,... what kind of program do that thank you

-- mohamad al-khdour (, August 27, 2001.

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