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Topeka Police Department Evidence Glitch

"... a truckload of evidence has been accidentally destroyed [in Topeka, KS]. With 50-thousand pieces of evidence passing through the Topeka Police Department's property room every year, keeping up with it all can be tough. That's why officers depend on a computer program to let them know when and what evidence can be destroyed. But this time, the computer malfunctioned sending a truckload full of evidence to be destroyed. The mistake leaves as many as 20 court cases without important evidence. But it's not just the computer software at fault, Police Chief Dean Forster says officers should have caught the mistake. ... They're reprogramming computer software inside the property room ..." local/ KSNT/ 28650.asp

Computer Glitches Continue in Indiana

"MARION, Ind. (AP) -- Glitches continue to plague the state's new computer system which sorts and distributes child support payments. The Internal Revenue Service has mailed letters warning some parents statewide their tax refund will be withheld this year, even though they may now be up-to-date in support payments or are no longer obligated to pay because the information in the computer system is outdated. Before the new system, court employees would ask the IRS to withhold tax refunds from delinquent parents. 'We had a little more control,' said Carol Baird, Blackford County child support administrator. Now the IRS is automatically notified if someone is behind in child support payments. Once the cases are updated, the new system will be a major improvement, said Baird, who is manually updating each of her county's 1,500 child support cases. An Indiana Family and Social Services Administration spokesman acknowledged mistakes in the new system could take some time to correct. 'With the huge case load we have, it's obviously very difficult to guarantee that we'll get each and every case right each time, but that's the goal,' spokesman Andrew Stoner said." bj/ news/ ohio/ docs/ 006492.htm

-- (, January 16, 2000


I have posted a list of "Glitch Tracking sites" at

and would be happy to list any additional sites

-- LSRY2K (, January 16, 2000.

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