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Hello Gang,

The bug finally nipped me in the tail.... No it's not serious at least for me, but I'm sure it had a big impact on some folks finances.

I work for the state and receive my paycheck by direct deposit. I was off work Friday so I didn't get the news untill today. Direct deposit failed and my check won't be deposited untill Tuesday. Fortunately my wife receives a check in hand once a month so we will survive without costly overdrafts, but numerous others won't.

I'm really pissed off about this even though it is partially my own fault for letting the state lull me into a sense of false security. I was planning on switching from direct deposit before the new year, but we received so much information from the state telling us direct deposit would be fine.... No Problems.... Your check will be there just like it always is... Bull S#@!.....

On another note the state is supposedly saying that any payroll from this point on untill further notice will not be direct deposited on time. Why would a holiday make any difference?

Thanks for putting up with my raving... It feels good to release once in awhile. Oh, if you haven't been bitten by the bug yet just stay tuned... It'll get ya.


-- Plato (, January 16, 2000


Everyone has the right to rant and rave.... My direct deposit has worked just fine. I work in the desert southwest with corporate HQ's in New England and everything has gone very smooth as far as payroll and benefits go... All my bills are fine, I still can pay bills on line with my bank... this has really tuned out to be a non event for me.

-- rob (, January 16, 2000.

We have direct deposit, too. My paycheck hasn't gone through yet (was due Friday) and my partner doesn't get paid until the end of the month. That's why we put away some cash, even though, like at your workplace, bosses at ours went overboard to assume everyone that all was well.

Yeah and we have a nice bridge we'd like to sell you, too!

Good luck with your situation.

-- (, January 16, 2000.

Mind saying which state? I know it's not ours becuase we get paid only once a month. There's an earlier thread posted referring to state payroll problems and of course the other state, county and municipal glitches that we've been seeing posted over the last few weeks. Since state agencies are networked (payroll, tax functions, child support (ad infinitum)) it's going to be interesting to see if these discrete malfunctions remain isolated and short term. From what I've seen in the last couple of months, probably not. For those of you who haven't worked in government, all the state systems link down to local, up to federal,across to each other. This will be one of those long term brush fire scenarios. Irritating, not earth shaking, but expensive in terms of tax dollars as far as remediation is concerned. You made a good point about being lulled into a sense of false security. The public in general should be aware that problems can and do arise and instructed on how to handle issues that need addressing. Data security and integrity are very real Y2K issues in an environment that is not completely stable. The Government enviroment is so complex however, that few consumers can penetrate it far enough to see hotspots as they arise. And it is not in the nature of bureaucracy to acknowledge problems until crisis is reached.

-- another state employee (, January 16, 2000.


Oklahoma..... Hummmmm... There was an article in today's paper about the mishap with your payroll. See, I'm in Oklahoma too, and also employed by the state. University here. Since we only get paid once a month, I won't know for sure until the end of the month. Funny, but call it my years of consulting, but I have a hard problem with not getting paid when I am supposed to. If the state doesn't have it figured out by the end of the month, I doubt that I will stick around until the end of February to see if they have it figured out. Hell, one month is one month, and I do have some bills to pay. I fill for ya man. Best of luck to you.

-- (Sheeple@greener.pastures), January 17, 2000.

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