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[The 'glitch' stories keep popping up around the country, and the world. Here are two current and different aspects of the same 'Y2K mystery' genre...:)]

SMART RESELLER: "The Truth Isn't Out There. Many resellers won't admit to Y2K problems." - 'As software, hardware and services companies rushed to distance themselves from the Y2K "hoax," many quietly labored last week to patch date-change bugs to which few administrators will admit. "If all goes well, I'll talk to you. But if anything goes wrong, I won't be able to tell you," says one Y2K trouble shooter, who spoke under the condition of anonymity. Another consultant, who spent last week patching an old version of a non-Y2K-compliant operating system for a bank, also was sworn to secrecy...'

ATLANTA-JOURNAL CONSTITUTION: "Leave time gets left off cops' checks" - 'The city of Atlanta has encounted more glitches in new computer programs installed as part of its Y2K compliance program. This time, the snafus cropped up in the system that issues police paychecks. City cops are being paid with printed checks rather than through direct deposit to their bank accounts, and some checks are not accurately reflecting their accumulated vacation and leave time, according to a police union spokesman. The leave time is being recorded in precinct offices, according to Chip Warren, vice president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, "but you can't take it unless it shows up on your paycheck."...'

[more daily updates at our Y2K NEWS CENTRE page. My own favorites in today's postings are those from AFRICA ONLINE..:)]

-- John Whitley (, January 15, 2000


Thanks for the post John!!!!! =)

-- Dee (, January 15, 2000.

Good to see you back John. Thanks for the post. Remember that these are "Freds with issues".

-- PA Engineer (PA, January 15, 2000.

Thanks John, we appreciate the good work!

-- Guy Daley (, January 15, 2000.

And what about the Venzualen Cracker which shut down because of "unexpected technical problems". Sounds suspiciously like y2K...

-- Okie Dan (, January 20, 2000.

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