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-- Mikey2k (, January 15, 2000


I'm so happy, so very very happy!

-- Butt Nugget (, January 15, 2000.

Category: Glitch_Report
Date: 2000-01-15 10:38:35
Subject: Ohio State University's Weather Charts Killed by Y2K Bug

Comment: This is from OSU's Web site.
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Most Graphical Services Suspended

The Y2K bug has effectively destroyed our graphical capabilities including NGM MOS output. The software package that we use (WXP 4.8) has several problems with the new year. Since WXP is now licensed and unavailable to universities, it is not possible to upgrade the site.

Thus all of my energy is being focused on developing the new site with our new software package (which is Y2K compatible). Most text products will still be available and we will continue to update those links as they change. But you will be unable to use most of the imagery that we had previously made available.

Sorry, but this situation is out of our control.
Chris. . . .

Welcome to The Ohio State University WWW weather server. Our goal is to provide timely and useful graphical and textual weather data to the general public

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, January 15, 2000.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who used the Ohio State tropical reports when a hurricane threatened and the better-known sites (Weather Channel, CNN, National Hurricane Center, Intellicast, etc.) were too busy. This is a blow. (No pun intended.)

-- Old Git (, January 15, 2000.

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