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well i just finished the game for the second time, i actually found quite a few things different. i used a hex editor this time and by the end my stats were maxed. a high INT really gives you more options! i was actually able to talk my mortality into joining with me with out a fight, and resurect all my freinds. there is then some nice little dialog btween all of us before i'm sent to hell. the ending might not be action packed but it's a lot more satisfying than the fight and going to hell with out knowing why.

-- figboy (, January 15, 2000


Okay dudes, I'm a first-time player- not near finishing- liking the game, but VERY confused- what the heck is going on? Is it Annah that you see in the beginning? What is the whole deal with Pharod? Why have you died before? You are you? What's your name?

-- Johanna (, January 15, 2000.

hey johanna, you should be confused at the beginning. basically you've lost your mortality - you can't die (or at least stay dead). everytime you die you lose your memories (but thankfully not in the game), so when you wake up in the mortuary you have to start all over. talk to everyone, explore every possible dialog topic, and always talk bfore you attack. the answers will come to you. and like every good mystery, you never get all of the answers....

-- figboy (, January 15, 2000.

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