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Do Your Preps With Steady Steps!

To all of you doomers who feel you have wasted your time in prepping for the great non-initial event of Y2K failures:

Please do not let down your guard!

Do your preps with steady steps.

America will soon experience the greatest judgment ever given upon a nation, and those who have not prepared will suffer much more than you.

If you want to give away your hard earned preps, then do so if you are feeling guilty. I am not ashamed for having prepared. Are you?

If you think the worst is yet to come, then hold on to what you have. Do NOT feel ashamed that you prepared much more so than your neighbors and friends, who scoffed and mocked and ridiculed your earnest stockpiling. Did they truly care for you? NO! Did they want to care for their families in the worst case scenario???

Don't feel ashamed. Keep on prepping. You won't EVER regret being prepared when the hard times come.

This post is not directed towards pollies. Flame on if you wish, but it won't make a whit of difference in the final crash scenario...

-- dinosaur (, January 14, 2000


Can a preppy prep?

-- (ohno@mr.bill), January 14, 2000.

How much prepping can a preppy do if a preppy can do preps....

-- Really (bored@outof.mind), January 14, 2000.

Is it OK to be prepared and still think the average Y2K doomer is:

1. A nut

2. Wrong about Y2K as the major reason to prep?

-- I'mSo (, January 15, 2000.

ok, so prep for the solar flares, UFO invasions, big bioterrorist attack, big earthquake, drought, that huge storm art bell is predicting, meteor showers, the end of the world....there are plenty of things to prep for--just watch TLC, Discovery, History, or any other new age channel; they'll provide the excuse.

-- tt (, January 15, 2000.

The worst thing that you can experience is a Christless eternity.

Can you say *eternal damnation*?

-- dinosaur (, January 15, 2000.


Good post.

I was speaking with my father today on this matter and we agreed that the *relatively* easy rollover was no reason to quit--but reason to be thankful and continually alert.

Preparing for disruptions is not the mark of an unbalanced mind. It is the mark of wisdom--when you consider the condition of the world today.

Has anyone here read Asimov extensively? You will know that--until he approached his death--he was a remarkably optimistic man! His whole life through, the good doctor thought that mankind would find the answers to troubling problems through human creativity and know- how.

That was then. Before he died, Asimov co-wrote a book with Frederick Pohl called "Our Angry Earth" in which he and Mr. Pohl describe the state of the planet, and our species, in some detail. This was meant to be a final warning cry before it became too late to really turn the situation around...

Has anything been done since then?

Do you need an emergency to prepare for disruption and disaster when you see it happen around the world every day?

-- (, January 15, 2000.

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