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This has been an interesting glitch so far... my boyfriend ordered a few guitar cables and misc. stuff from a major musician's magizine and warehouse just after the 1st of Jan. Yesterday UPS delivered two boxes to our house. We opened them and found the same identical order in both boxes with the same order # and being the honest person that I am, I called the company to report their problem and see if he was charged twice. The fellow that took my call said he only could find 1 order and thanked me numerous times in my honesty. He said UPS would be by to pick it up shortly. Now that was no big deal and I plan on checking our visa's for duplicate billing when I get them but today the UPS driver appeared.. not to pick up anything but to drop off another box with yet another duplicate order!!! What the he** is going on here?? This poor company is gonna go bankrupt very quickly with this screw-up. Anybody else have this happen yet?

-- still alert (still, January 14, 2000


Very interesting...hope they get it resolved otherwise the owner won't be "seeing double"...he'll be seeing "red". =)

-- Dee (, January 14, 2000.

Hi still alert,

Please keep us updated on how this turns out...especially how your credit card bill looks.

Speaking of glitches, my long-distance carrier is ATT. I didn't receive a bill from them in November or December. Today, I received three copies of their November and December billings! They didn't charge any late charges, but the billing does see it is Due on Receipt. I noticed also that the column where they add up the total number of minutes is duplicated three times, and rather than total minutes, all threee columns display total charges. I wonder how long it will take them to straighten out their "Not Y2K glitch".

-- (, January 14, 2000.

I will, thanks for the ATT glitch report! I've noticed similiar things back in December my cell phone company never sent me a bill. I again called (dumb) and they proceeded to send the December bill but they never sent me the NOVEMBER bill. They always bill a month behind. Guess they didn't want my money that month. hmmm Anyway, the phone hasn't worked for sqat in the last couple of months. I'll guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for more little glitches.. like I said still alert :)

-- still alert (still, January 14, 2000.

How many times do I have to tell you, this is caused by a car hitting a power pole somewhere.

[Just making fun of all the pollies that claimed righteous, premature victory just after rollover.

Seriously, this musicians warehouse could easily be a casualty of Y2K and there could be a number of people looking for new jobs and a bunch of stuff that goes back to the creditors. I wish we could follow the story on this company in depth, a case study, so to speak.

-- Guy Daley (, January 15, 2000.

For several years now I've gotten both my Federal 1040 and the GA state tax return form within a week of January 1st. Here it is Jan. 15th and neither one has shown up.

Columbia Gas bill also is way overdue.

-- Tom Carey (, January 15, 2000.

As far as the taxes go, same here in CA. No forms from IRS or Ca tax board. These forms used to come the day after Christmas... Also,the Aol tax site still does not have their Turbo-Tax file on line site up, and only has 1998 tax forms to download. The IRS site earlier this week, only had publications, no forms. The HR Block file on line site finally seems to be working today. ( (AOL keyword: Taxes)

-- Cyndi Crowder (, January 15, 2000.


We have combined two threads here.

(1) The guitar shop: yup, sounds like y2k, even the most optimistic y2k folks thought many small businesses would grind to a halt because of y2k; even John Koskinen's office (which now looks relatively doomer, whoda thunk it) thought 7% of the smallest businesses would fail specifically because of y2k.

(2) The tax forms do NOT sound like y2k. Both state and federal authorities have promised to trim the mailing lists, now that forms are available in many places, including the Net (saves lots of costs). When one remembers that the postal service still occasionally messes up as well, the lack of delivery means nothing.

-- Bud Hamilton (, January 17, 2000.

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