O/T When the Clintoons Came

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Seems to me that when the Clintoons came to the Whor,I mean White House , they hardly had enough to legitimize an overnight stay at a hotel. Why do they now need a (convoy) of moving vans to move out? Remember the story of some congressman suggesting an audit of W.H. Property a few months ago? What an embarrassment. Also,remember the revelation of ...who was it...Tip, or one of the boys,who had absconded with a few of our National Treasures? Just an observation.

-- Justice (Pistols@Dawn.com), January 14, 2000



It was "Fort Worthless" Jim Wright (D), former Speaker of the House, who was found to have absconded with furniture, art, and other itmes that were gov't property. If the "Tip" you refer to was the late Tip O'Neill; it would not surprise me in the least to find that he ran off with things that did not belong to him, after all he was a man who believed in stealing from people to give to those who'd elect him into office.

-- Bryan (BryanL@aol.com), January 15, 2000.

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