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I ordered a book, last night, from Amazon. I order about once a month, and they have an account for me, so I don't have to give my credit card info each time. Today, they informed me that the bank had declined my transaction. (B/A, visa) I checked w/the bank, everything is fine. I went back and checked the Amazon page for my order, and instead of the expiration date being mo/02, they had it as month/00. Now, if that error had been in place earlier, when I ordered last year, the bank would also have rejected the transaction then, too, right?

My question: What happened in the Amazon computer that changed the year of expiration? and is this related to the problems that other person using their debit card further down on this list?

-- Mary (, January 14, 2000


Mary -- you sheep -- your mistake was having an "account" with them. Do each transaction independently. People like you are so clueless regarding privacy and corporate database building.

Didn't you read about the hacker that stole 300,000 credit card numbers and account into (and posted 100,000 of them) from an on-line vendor's database?

For the "convenience" of not having to enter your card number and address each time (poor baby got tired fingers) you let (potentially) everyone in the world know your business.

-- A (, January 14, 2000.

Please don't jump all over Mary for having an account with Amazon. When I signed up with them, I only had to give them the last 4 digits of my card number, then finalize the rest of the account set-up over the phone. From what I understand, Amazon DOESN'T have the card information all in one place accessible via the Internet. So, if someone managed to "hack" their site, they would only get partial numbers, which would be absolutely useless to the hacker. My credit card number is NEVER displayed in full on-site.

Mary, you have to sign into your account information and change the expiration date on the card info. Hope you didn't forget your password! :)

-- Marie (, January 14, 2000.

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