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I have a matrox marvel which captures in MJPEG.

I want to realtime encode the capture to mpeg 1, preferably an mpeg file that I can turn into a VCD.

I have downloaded the test fir Winvcr which I think does the job. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the Marvel. If anyones has a fix or an alternative I would be grateful.

Any ideas?



-- Richard Abrams (, January 14, 2000


software like WinVCR does not work with MJPEG cards like Matrox Marvel or Iomega Buz.

Besides, WinVCR produces terrible quality mpeg files (even worse than a Snazzi or Dazzle).

-- MrVCD (, January 17, 2000.

Is there anything that will recompress to mpeg on a fly for a regular tv card or matrox marvel. I tried MJPEG but to get decent quality you get a pretty low quality stream.

I want to backup a DVD to video cd and mpeg2squeezer is about a 15hr process to finished result. Don't see why I cant do it on the fly with a decent cpu (>400 PII/CELERON/PIII)

Any ideas?



-- Richard Abrams (, January 17, 2000.


-- po (, December 14, 2000.

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