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I recieved my first post rollover bill from SNET - Southern New England Telephone (recently purchased by SBC).

Backround: For the last two years, without fail, my monthly bill has been between $80 an $90 dollars. Free nights and weekends on the cell phone has eliminated virtually all of my long distance charges. The only charges are for basic service and $38.50 for the two cell phones.

Well, guess what? This bill was $38.50 higher than usual. After close scrutiny, I discovered that SNET haddoubled the wireless charges. The detail section of the statement was correct, but the summary section showed wireless charges to be double what the detail section showed.

My wife called and was told to simply deduct that amount from our payment. It seems that they had a glitch and were working to fix it. Many other customers have called with the same problem. She didn't mention if SNET was planning on sending out a notice or anything. I wonder how many other customers will just pay without questioning?

My wife asked if the glitch was Y2K related and the CSR laughed sheepishly and said they don't know.

Cut #789 of 1000. -- I'm cautious (, January 14, 2000

-- Jeanette Thomas (, January 14, 2000

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