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My wife is a long distance telephone operator. The Major Comm provIder gave all operators a phamplet with scripted answers for when anyone asks if the problems they incounter are related to Y2K. "no, of course not"

Starting in early 99 problems have gradually increased with the telephone comps. Many, many routing problems. Since 1/1/00 more problems. Most are quickly fixed. Some take a day or two but still fixable. When customers continually get busy signals some of them call the operator to see if there is a problem. Because of this operators learn which companies are receiving many calls about problems. Citibank is ONE of the banks where people overseas are having problems accessing their accounts.

If the telephone companies are any indication Y2K is not over but so far it is managable. What will happen if problems continue to increase?

I usually poet my real e-mail address but my wife has warned me that this is confidential and all employees are subject to disciplinary action.

-- Someoneelse (, January 14, 2000


"I usually poet my real e-mail address" Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean here. Could you clarify? Thanx

-- thomas saul (, January 14, 2000.

Thomas, it looks like rented fingers hit an "e" for a "s". Just my opin.

-- We rent em you type with em (, January 14, 2000.

I got a phonecall this evening from a man on the other side of town who had received a bill from his phone company (not the same as mine) which had a call on it from my number.

-- Liz (, January 14, 2000.

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