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The pollies who think a quiet rollover means no preps, who think the "end" will never come are truly the most ignorant human ever. This sliver of time (the last 200 years) is a mere speck in the billenium of time that has preceded and will follow. Mighty civilizations with flying craft & inter-planetary communication via crystals have long since fallen, their dust barely suitable to serve as the clay for our empire, built on sand. Surely, one wave will wipe it all away. A computer bug, an errant (or purposeful) bomb, sickness deliberate or natural, a crash...forestalled but eventual....a human species covered in madness. A human species that killed it's last best hope for peace, freedom and that a few might gloat in impermanent power. Pray there is a God in Heaven if you please, but remember all hope for peace and safety have passed. Now is the time simply to quietly watch...and hope that You will Survive the pale of death...

-- robert kennedy (, January 14, 2000


It doesn't seem likely we mortals will escape death...

Great post, though!!

-- I'mSo (, January 14, 2000.

You're not that same guy I admitted to the psychiatric ward the other day, are you?

-- Sigmund (, January 14, 2000.

Sheesh, Robert......all the preps in the world won't help in your scenario!

I've prepped for shortages, but not extinction ...

Good luck to you!

-- Birdlady (Bird@nest.home), January 14, 2000.


I'm confused, was this meant to be a troll or the ramblings of a nut? If it's alcohol induced what are you drinking? And please stay off the road tonight.

Thanks in advance, as tonight I have to be like Chuck in

Night Driving, Frank

-- Someone (, January 14, 2000.

You me laugh, oh BirdLady, for extstinktion is near, but is not to be feared. Prep for the future beyond the visiBILE, where sigmund & albert play dice and dance on the rooftops of the AmbassaDOOR hotel where marylin monroe sunbathes stomach DOWN and leanardo DIvinci rubbs her back with oil harvested from the outer limit of your imagination. I left you and I took a train, a train bound for glory.

Let's finish the party we started. It was going to be so nice. We cant let a few crazy cowboys and a nutcase with a doubleNAME stop our fun. We've only just begun. DO NOT emgorge your cerebral fluid with babble. Otherwise every labor day you will sing look at us we're walking look at us we're talking...and cry when you think about walking thru the STORM.

-- robert kennedy (, January 14, 2000.

Are you the same RK from Santa Cruz?

-- Just (, January 14, 2000.

Robert dear, you ARE a funny fellow. From the Funny Farm?

-- Amused (, January 14, 2000.

Further proof that the "De-evolutionary spiral" is well under way.

-- i LUV (, January 14, 2000.

It used to be that nuts like this would stand in a city park and rant and rave to anyone who would listen.

But now it has gotten very cold outside, and the loonies can wander into a public library and post stuff like this.

They call it "progress". ;-)

-- cgbg jr (, January 14, 2000.

At least we don't have to *smell* them (phew! peeeuuuw!).

-- Me (, January 14, 2000.

.A Couple of months ago a posting like this would have been very well recieved here, but now it is sneered at.

-- Butt Nugget (, January 14, 2000.

They laughed and sneered at Noah also, just before the rains started.

-- Notforlong (, January 14, 2000.

Butt oyster,

How true, how true.

-- (I', January 14, 2000.

Even the DOUBLEpope who was triangulated earlier now gets ready to QUIT. The corporate state tries to buy me off with trips to doctors that cannot heal because acupuncture is a forbidden science here. This planet believes it shall see no scarring. But go look at where your soldiers used to sleep to PREPare to DEfend your SOILed manifestation of destiny. They are ABANDONED. They tell us there is no ENEMY from without. All is PEACE, tell that to the baby whose daddy and mommy are DEAD over THERE. This CANNOT GO ON. It is built on the foundation of SAND-SILICON and has been foretold that it shell not stand and WHY TOO 'K? was a preCURSER of the actual destruction some of us CENTS in our BONES. it is not oK. I am NOT completely DEAD.

-- robert kennedy (, January 14, 2000.

Hi Robert,

I am very curious about something in your post.

What is the definition of 'billenium'?

Is it close to Billerica, Massachusetts?


The ever curious (and I had to ask) snooze button.

-- snooze button (, January 14, 2000.

I'm not real sure where this thread, or your train of thoughts, is going.....but the "end" is certainly closer today than yesterday.

Now, we don't know exactly when the "end" will be - and we've been told by pretty good sources that we will never know the exact hour or place, but the end is most certainly one day closer each day......

-- Robert A Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, January 14, 2000.


"The End" is probably closer to Villa Rica, GA rather than Billerica, MA.

-- Robert A Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, January 14, 2000.

I TOLD you this was a great post.

Congratulations if you read this far!!

-- ImSo (, January 14, 2000.


Don't worry about the smell! Didn't you see what he said about "extSTINKtion?"

-- Ric (, January 14, 2000.

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