OT Dr. Len Horowitz-viral pandemics- on Sightings Tonight

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--topic, according to the site, emerging viral pandemics. You can listen live via real audio there, some stations, or tomorrow on the archive site. should be good, heard his stuff before.

-- zog (zzoggy@yahoo.com), January 13, 2000


Yes, his book Emerging Viruses is excellent and you will never get another vaccine as long as you live after that incredibly documented book!

-- Sheri (wncy2k@nccn.net), January 13, 2000.

I wouldn't care if they promised to shoot me up with Champagne, I wouldn't take it. Nature has too many remedies on hand to bother with something that comes from the bottom of some chemical co's vat.

-- Richard (Astral-Acres@webtv.net), January 13, 2000.

Thanks Zog, I'll be sure to tune in. Also, a great prog. on Art Bell the other night, Bob Frissel. Joe Bob says check it out...

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), January 13, 2000.

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