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Most interesting. Also read on other security sites "that Attrition and OSAll BB are temporarily down..." that was written moments ago for grassroots. A little more information is now available and forum members will be intrigued by the following for more on the adoption of the mirrors. As we wait here for news on the containment of the runaway chemical processor, we discuss system vulnerability, human error, programming and Y2K as a strictly defined phenomenon involving date interpretation in intelligent systems. Actually, we would like to run and to hell with the theories. But we are educated and civilized and use our time to examine the issues of the day. I am quite confident we shall shortly post good news of our local situation. Thank you.


-- charlie in houston (, January 13, 2000



-- Mad Monk (, January 13, 2000.

TV 13 reports problem at Goodyear plant in LaPorte (east side of Houston right on Galveston Bay) when two chemicals were mixed improperly in a vessel...causing high temps...stabilizer added over the evening...(now 10pm CST) good will lower the temp in the pressure vessel...bad could cause an explosion! looks to be under info as to spokesman said it "got in the wrong tank"...

-- John Galt (, January 13, 2000.

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