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The Dow settled today above the target point of 11569, but clearly the pressure is on the bulls to decisively smash this resistence level. The Dow fluctuated around Comeau's number all day, like a moth fatally attracted to the candle flame.

Tomorrow's release of a key economic index will give the Bulls an opportunity to rally the market. However their time is running out as we are approaching the key time period of late Jan/early Feb when major fireworks may start.

A major advance at this stock level and time would negate Comeau's predictions, so we may soon know which way the market (and economy) will proceed in 2000.

-- Sure M. Hopeful (, January 13, 2000


I still like gold. Let it be known, that if it goes to "OO" I won't have any tears for the greedy bulls and banksters on wallstreet. Lets see what big Al is made of. Hope he raises at least 1/2 point next month. Give them wallstreeters a taste of some good medicine. We need a good smash down in housing prices and the stock market. It's gone way too far. Bring back old fashion values to America. This country is great for only one reason, When the going gets tough ..The tough get going.

-- DOUG (, January 13, 2000.

"I still like gold"

Hmmm...the "greedy bulls", huh?

Just 'cuz your bullish on gold instead of companies doesn't make you less greedy, Doug.

-- Imso (, January 13, 2000.


Your lust for gold makes you no less greedy than the bulls on Wall Street. [laughter] The last thing we need is a "good smash down." I don't understand why some of you are so down on the wealthy. Sounds like pure jealousy to me.

-- (I', January 13, 2000.

Actually America isn't really that great.

-- Think It (Through@Pollies.Duh), January 13, 2000.

It's no one's business where people invest their money. I don't understand why these "experts," keep yelling that the building is on fire when there's no smoke. Why are they so concerned about me losing or making money? They remind me of a mommy, always wanting to change our diapers, wipe our noses, and wash our hands. They need to shut the f*ck up, because the more they talk the more they are sounding ignorant. If and when TSHTF we will know what to do, in the meantime, I don't need anyone to save me from myself.

-- Rasty (Rasty@bullldogg.xcom), January 13, 2000.

Boy Doug: Just what we need. Higher interest rates equals less jobs and higher costs. Just what the Doctor ordered. Sure wish you were in charge instead of Greenspan. It is truly sad when people sit around wishing the economy would dip, things would cost more and that times were tougher. I sure like to sit around and reminisce and think how much better shape all of us would be in if we could just have a good old depression. Wish I was hunting for food in dumpsters, that would be great!

Just because the predictions aren't coming true is no reason to get angry and wish everyone ill will. Wall street is built on greed but so was this country! Greed is good in some cases. Greed causes innovation, greed creates jobs, greed is what it is all about my friend, like it or not, it is the key to the economic engine of Capitalism.

Get complacent, hide in your bunker, hoard gold dust and wait for the end of the world and we are non-progresssive and everyone loses and we are a nation of lazy slugs using up valuable oxygen.

You need to get a life, devlop some values instead of wishing everyone ill will. The end did not come and if you sold everything and quit your job to prep for the end of the world on 1-1-2000 now you have to start re-building a life. Don't hate the rest of us and blame all your poor decision making on everyone else. Get to it, that can be your new "prep", getting on with a productive life.

You create your own destiny, no one else.

-- DAVID (, January 13, 2000.

It may be an interesting day for the Nasdaq on Friday. Intel just published their numbers for the quarter, and the company performed better than what analysts had expected.

They had anticpated dividends of 63/64 cnets a share, and Intel report 69 cents per share.

Whether this will fuel an upsurge overall remains to be seen. Could the sales have been fueled by small companies and personal consumers replacing their old systems in order to be compliant?

I'm not wishing for the market to drop, but the P/E ratios in general tell me otherwise. Hope I'm wrong.

Insights, anyone? Do the rules regarding P/E ratios no longer apply? Are we indeed experiencing a new paradigm?

-- Tim (, January 13, 2000.

Bythe way, Comeau is being heavily touted by North. Now there is someone with a great rack record! I would like to now just who in the he$& this Comeau is? I have heard rumors he is an unemployed Yak herder from the Ukraine.

-- DAVID (, January 13, 2000.

Bull stampede on Friday.

-- dinosaur (, January 13, 2000.

There are many reasons why someone wishes the market would crash, but I will present just a few. I will then put myself into one category at the end.

1) Jealousy. They wished they had bought Yahoo stock when it was an IPO. Their neighbors are moving out of the neighborhood into bigger homes and they are still eating turkey hot dogs for Thanksgiving.

2) Fear. They have some cash to invest but are frightened by the stock market's lofty heights, for good reason. Everybody keeps talking about a crash and they are afraid to lose their life savings, so they hold onto their cash. They are waiting for the crash as a buying opportunity, but the crash has not come yet.

3) Anger. They hate that purple-haired dude on the Ameritrade commercials and wish they would go out of business so they don't have to see him anymore. They think the floor traders look like fools waving their arms around and can't stand the fact they make more money acting like a fool for a day than their crappy job. They hate their neighbor's new boat.

4) Disgust. They view a properous American society as one simultaneously sliding into the moral sewer. America replaced the God of Creation with the god of materialism. Golf courses are full at the same time that churches are empty.

Where do I fit? Number 4, thank you.

-- I AM (Trying@2B.Reasonable), January 14, 2000.

Well, the bulls stampeded, and many investors were happy today.

Dino the Saur got nichts. Ach wohl...

-- dinosaur (, January 14, 2000.

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