1999/2000 Contract for Grade

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Fall and Spring Semesters 1999/2000

Contract for an A

I am on the Academic Planning team at RRCC and will be involved in program and curriculum development for new programs in Computer Science. To fulfill the contract for an A I will develop new courses and incorporate those courses into new programs at RRCC in the Computer Science department.

Program brochures will be provided or written documentation regarding the courses and program. This endeavor will include the following new programs: AS in Computer Science, AAS in Network Systems Specialist, diploma degrees in Aries A+ Certification and Microsoft Networking.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2000


Hi Tina, I have missed you the last several times but I was glad to read your grade proposal. This will be a part of your job as well as suffice for your project for grades for this year. I will be anxious to see the brochure containing courses you were part of developing. Your proposal is approved. Good luck to you! Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2000

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