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If any of you could help me out with this it would make me one happy camper! OK I assume that most if not all of us remember Liquid I am hoping that you all remember Winter Steele. I am looking for a tape of episodes if not all of them atleast some of them. I know a collection video of all the episodes was released at one time on the West Coast at animation conventions. If anyone can help me out that would be great



-- Gein (, January 13, 2000


I love this place! What an amazing thing to be able to hear from the director of Winter Steele. Is there any available products of the series for us to buy or rent? After that intro I'd especially like to see Las Appasionadas.

-- Barb e (, July 04, 2003.

I loooove Winter Steele, I might have an episode on tape (I'll check), but I am looking for images of Winter Steele on the web and can't find any... have you?

-- jaquelinne (, January 16, 2001.

I was just looking through my old tapes, and I found a couple with Liquid Television marathons.

Anyhow, I have at least three episodes of Winter Steele. I'll hook up my VCR and capture them when I get a chance, so if you want me to email them to you or let you know where you can find them, send me your email address :)


-- Brandon (, January 19, 2001.

I have into two episodes on tape. Did anybody ever find the entire collection?

-- Gary Hayes (, May 16, 2001.

I have several episodes on tape, but the recordings are shitty, I can't believe the complete set isn't out there somewhere...does anybody know? Maybe we should look up the chic that made em'...

-- Vanessa Hooper (, September 22, 2001.

to jac-- u can actually find 2 winter steele images at :

-- susie~q (, January 24, 2002.

I think my brother has some episodes on tape. I myself am looking for all the episodes. If you have some information please let me know.

Thanks Karen

-- Karen (, February 19, 2002.

Winter Steele ruled.... Try emailing the creatrix of Winter Steele at if anyone has copies, it'd be her. Good Luck

-- steven felty (, April 15, 2002.

Winter was the bomb. Please email me if any of you have copies of this shows. I have none. I would be in your debt.

-- Winter (]), April 17, 2002.

If anyone has pics or any video segments (mpg, avi, etc) of Winter Steele please contact me, I will offer what I can in trade.

-- Michael Bushey (, February 07, 2003.

Hi guyz!

Have any of you found Winter yet? I'd love to have a copy of the entire series as well!

Please advise.


-- David (, March 07, 2003.

Me too!! I have just one episode on the "Best of Liquid Television Vol. 2" that I just acquired, but would also love to get more episodes of Winter Steele on tape, if possible!

-- Jen S. (, March 08, 2003.

As the director of the Winter Steele series I've wound up with a bunch of the film and tape used to make the episodes and have everything on VHS. I'm glad there are still people who remember and appreciate Cintra Wilson's brilliant work on the series. We also did an amazing short (8 min) pilot (it's won a ton of awards and been seen around the world, but never on America tv) for Liquid TV called "Las Apassionadas". Lovely Cintra stars as a wild girl turned martyr who's willing to die for love of art rather than let it be corrupted. Sick. Twisted. Funny.

-- Tim Boxell (, July 03, 2003.


I recently asked Cintra about this at her website at She suggests that there may be a rights issue around Winter, as the company that owned the original is no longer in business. And then MTV fits in here, too. But--since Tim is here--maybe he can help to clarify.

I would love to know exactly how many shows there were. I think I have all of the original series on tape (though the quality is lacking), but the episode when Winter gets hit by the hippie van seems like a different film type, although it's set in the original story arc. Cintra is deeply involved in writing her new book at present, but she recommends to keep checking her site for breaking info.


-- Robert Clay (, July 24, 2003.


I've got all the episodes and keep promising to supply Cintra. Big Winter and a bunch of stuff from the shows is in my basement. One of these days we'll find a way to get all the shows into the hands of the worthy viewers who remember LTV.

BTW--Anyone got a spare copy of Wet Shorts?

Best Tim

-- Tim Boxell (TIM@ALLIGATORPLANET.COM), October 04, 2003.

Doesn't seem like there are many visitors here.

Finally got a copy of Wet Shorts from Amazon for twice the original price after a half a year wait just to get one WS on DVD.

If there was enough interest I've got a making of video and all the episodes...


-- Tim Boxell (, August 15, 2004.

this link takes you to some MTV relic re: Wet Shorts...

-- Tim Boxell (, August 15, 2004.

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