Right Breathing - 7 Tools for Health

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Right Breathing

Breath is life. We breath with little attention
to what we are doing. We hardly ever think about
our breathing. Yet it is the most important thing
we do to insure our continued survival.

Clean Air

The importance of clean air to one's health is so
critical that if you live where the air is not clean
you should consider moving.

Deep Breathing

You need to breathe deeply once in a while so that
all of the sacs in your lungs are filled with clean air.
Open you arms when you inhale and bring them back
when you exhale. This expands and contracts your
ribcage to make it easier to fill and exhale your lungs.

Shallow Breathing

When the breath is allowed to calm, you can see more
because you are no longer muddying the water. This is
not the same as forcing yourself not to breathe but rather
a natural process that occurs when you send a message
of calmness to your body. When you reach the point where
you no longer need breath, you have moved to that realm
beyond desire.

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), January 13, 2000

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