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January 12, 2000 Fire blazing at unstaffed radar station in eastern Arctic VICTORIA ISLAND, Nunavut (CP) -- Toxic chemicals may be involved in a fire burning unchecked at a remote Arctic radar station, say federal officials. The fire started Monday at the unstaffed military station on Victoria Island in the eastern Arctic. There are some PCBs and old paint stored in one of the buildings that may be engulfed in the fire, said Maj. Paul Garant of the Defence Department.

http://www.canoe.ca/NationalTicker/CANOE-wire.Arctic-Radar-Fire.html Garant said they believe that's the only environmental concern with the blaze. The nearest community is about 100 kilometres away and isn't in danger. Officials are hoping the fire, which involves a number of structures at the radar station, will burn itself out. Garant said federal investigators could arrive at the station by Friday. There is no information as to how the fire broke out. The station is part of a chain of about 47 radar stations, stretching from Alaska to Newfoundland. NORAD, a joint Canada-U.S. early warning system developed in the late 1950s, uses radar stations dotted around the hemisphere, including many across Canada's Arctic territory where the threat of Soviet-era attacks was once deemed most likely.

-- Martin Thompson (Martin@aol.com), January 12, 2000


..so where now is the threat of Soviet attacks deemed most likely? huh? and don't give me that PC stuff about a now enlightened "Russia"...phoey.

-- Hokie (Hokie_@hotmail.com), January 12, 2000.

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