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Jeff, my modem was trashed by a non-y2k problem on the 3rd, so this is late.

We and several others have y2k problems with our bank, but since we don't live on our interest that hasn't affected us much. We've also had multiple problems with this pc, but since we don't make our living with this machine that hasn't affected us much. We'll know soon if we're going to continue to have the y2k payroll problem we had before the rollover, but since we're prepped to the gills that won't affect us much. Our ISP has either become unreliable or this pc is messing up the dial-in, but since we don't make our living on the internet that won't affect us much.

We do have electricty and phone service. We seem to be getting the same volume of mail. I'd say you won our bet.

Jeff, you won. You and I never nailed down exactly what I was to post in case I lost, so if this isn't what you wanted, just let me know.

I am a stupendous dodo for ever believing a significant number of Americans would suffer large-scale power outages and loss of other essential services. I deserve to be rolled in mud and decorated with nuts.

Was that ok? :)

helen, whose children asked to feed all of their friends and teachers, which made this whole y2k thing worth it at our house...

-- helen (, January 12, 2000


Helen, does this mean you now have a functioning modem? There is a package on its way!

-- Brooks (, January 12, 2000.

Brooks: Cool! A reason to hike down to the mailbox!

-- helen (, January 12, 2000.

Helen, it was nice to hear from you, and I'm happy that everything worked out well for you and your children.

Best regards.

-- Jeff D. (, January 12, 2000.

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