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From the IBM Y2K alert website:

PLATFORM: Systems Management & Tivoli


SUBJECT: e-fix (IY07219) Available for TME-10 NetView for UNIX - - Product Component ID: 5697NVW05

PROBLEM: The following issue with TME 10 NetView for UNIX will not cause functional problems for customers:

NetView Unix Collecttime variable has 2-digit year instead of a 4-digit year. This can cause incorrect dates to print out on network management reports when SNMP data is stored in SQL databases.

The problem does not represent a servicedown situation. It will only affect customers that use nvColToSQL to convert SNMP flat file data into a SQL database or users of NetView Tivoli Decision Support Guides. This alert is posted on Tivoli's alert page. This alert is being posted on the IBM alert page as well to make the information more broadly available.

IMPORTANT: This e-fix repairs the conversion process so that snmpCollect data is correctly transferred. Data converted after the year change and before the installation of this fix must be deleted from the relational database using the nvColTable -C command and reconverted from the existing flat files in /usr/OV/databases/snmpCollect. These files are not deleted when converted to the relational database so they are still available to be converted correctly, using the repaired nvColToSQL command.

RESOLUTION: An e-fix has been coded for IY07219 and is available by contacting Tivoli Service.

UPDATED: 01/12/2000, 02:30:39 GMT

ORIGINALLY POSTED: 01/12/2000, 02:30:39 GMT

REFID: 20000111145416

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-- Carl Jenkins (, January 12, 2000


UPDATED: 01/12/2000

Thanks for the posts, Carl. Glad they're still able to de-bug.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, January 12, 2000.

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