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Note these are reports from people who I have talked to and from 1st hand experience. The media outlets here in Hawaii are reporting that everything is y2k problems...

Tesoro gas station chain in Hawaii(one of larger chains) is experiencing problems with their company credit cards. I spoke with person at local station who said that the company is working on problem and plans to issue new cards. Person added that they have experienced no problems with other credit cards.

Voicestream cellular phone system in Hawaii has been having problems with their answering machine/voice mail for several days. Receipt of messages by the person who was called has been delayed by 24 hours or more. Also reported instances of phones not ringing. One friend of mine says that the small company she works for all have Voicestream phones and that it created some real problems.

-- Carl Jenkins (, January 12, 2000


I emailed a friend in Hawaii, on Oahu, and this is his reply..

Hi Cyn,

I have a Tesoro card and have had no problems with it. I haven't received any word from Tesoro about needing a replacement either. Will check into this.

I've got a buddy who has voice stream, he says no problems. The daily paper after the 1st of the year stated there where no Y2K problems here in Hawaii but they wouldn't pick up on the two you mentioned until well after the first unless someone complained loudly, which I didn't hear.

If the status on this changes, will let you know, but I don't believe there is a problem.

Aloha and a Very Wonderful New Year!


-- Cyndi Crowder (, January 13, 2000.

I live on Maui. I don't know how widespread the problem was with the cellulars or the gas cards. But the folks who gave me the information had no reason to lie (and neither do I). The problems with the cellulars seems to have cleared up. I dialed one of my friends who had experienced problems over the weekend today as an experiment. She got the call right away.

-- Carl Jenkins (, January 13, 2000.

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